Fresh Vids: Try JJ Watt’s 9,000 Calorie Diet…OMG!

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JJ Watt’s 9,000 Calorie Diet

The average person consumes roughly 2,000 calories / day. If you train in the gym regularly you’re likely to consume more calories but, if the daily calories were doubled to 4,000, even the most dedicated (non-pro) gym-goers would likely gain weight.

As we all know, professional athletes are not average people. They exert exert a tremendous amount of energy which requires them to eat much more to maintain and build muscle while performing at peak capacity….

However, even compared to other pro athletes, J.J. Watt stands out as a BEAST among prey….

In order to fuel the machine, J.J. Watt consumes 9,000 calories / day….that’s INSANE!  Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a non-athlete to consume 9k calories?

Well, it’s hilarious….check the video below from The Fumble:

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