Make your own coleslaw

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Making coleslaw is easy.  Don’t buy it from the store.  I know…. it looks so incredibly easy as you stare at it right through the glass.  It’s screaming $3.99/lb of pure convenience!

But here’s the cole hard fact; the stores don’t care about their coleslaw the way you will care for yours….this is a mostly true statement about anything we can cook.

While the debate has raged on for centuries about the merits of vinegar based ‘slaw vs. mayo ‘slaw, there has never been any debate about the deliciousness of coleslaw in general.  Do you know why?  Because there’s nobody who can really argue that coleslaw isn’t great with barbeque or Grilled Sirloin Steak.

Do not buy pre-made coleslaw ever again!  Making your own, home-made ‘slaw is much much easier than you think.  Look, I like drinking bourbon, and watching sports, and gambling on sports, and not really losing on sports gambling …oh yeah, poker, and….but….well I digress….

The point is, in the scheme of doing things, making awesome coleslaw is pretty easy.  That’s an understatement, it’s extremely easy.  It takes just a few ingredients most people already have around the home.

As a matter of fact, for a long time, it was considered one of the easiest side dishes to prepare for a party but in the last 10 years has green bean casserole been gaining some ground in this battle.

People always say things were always so much harder “back in the day.” Well do you know what wasn’t harder?  Coleslaw.  So, go ahead, Make your own Coleslaw.

Make your own Coleslaw



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