Meat Awareness Month – Celebrating All The MEATS!

Meat Awareness Month

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William Henry Harrison

May is here and that means a return to warm weather, Memorial Day, and backyard bbqs.  However, do you know that May is a month that was meant to cross all social, political, racial, economic, and class divides?  Many people don’t know that the 9th President of the United States, William Henry Harrison, dedicated the month of May as Meat Awareness Month on the 33rd day of his presidency in 1841.

Harrison was the very first person in HISTORY to recognize that a holiday was needed to raise awareness for the greatness of all meats…. and warn of the dangers & depredations of vegans and others of low moral character.  Also once lost to history are the immortal last words of President Harrison.  While on his deathbed, he was offered a salad but he replied, “I feel fine, bring me a steak…medium rare!”  

However, the presiding physician overruled Harrison’s request and ordered a nurse to bring him kale salad instead.  Harrison complied with the physician’s orders, ate the salad…..and died moments later.

The Man Himself: W.H. Harrison contemplating life and meat.

Meat Awareness Month

In the years since this great man was taken from us, all too soon, we have forgotten about this annual treasured meat celebration.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Red Meat Lover investigators, we located the original Presidential Proclamation!  It was found wrapped around a centuries-old dry aged rib eye in the vaults of Harrison’s presidential library in Charles City County, Virginia.

William Henry Harrison wanted May to be a time when all men could set aside their differences and come together over a shared love of cooking and grilling the meats.

America Today

In the years since 1841 America has changed dramatically.  No change may be more noticeable than the ills plaguing the kitchens of America – quinoa, couscous, and kale to name a few.  I speak of food fads; gluten-free, cleansing, tofurkey, noodles made of vegetables, cauliflower posing as real food! 

My grandfather ate meat every day while drinking whiskey and swearing at chipmunks and lived to the ripe age of 138 years old!  And somehow, he did this without pretending to be a caveman, eating bird food, while counting his calories. 

So, for President Harrison and my drunk old Papap, we are rekindling Meat Awareness Month for America, NAY…. the world!  We won’t stop until the most char crusted corners of the world hear William Henry Harrison’s message.  We invite you to share with us your stories of meat and the good it has brought into your lives….because nobody invites guests over to eat a salad.

Take heart and when in doubt remember the, now eternal, words spoken by President Harrison after a hard fought victory in the War of 1812. When asked how he will eat his steak with no utensils, this great man retorted with “By my sword, and my own right arm, sir!

Happy Meat Awareness Month!


– Gallagher


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