Best Hamburger Recipe Video – Wagyu vs. Angus vs. Grass Fed Beef

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Burger Battle

Hey everybody, I’m Joey, and today you’re going to witness a battle of the bovines. This burger Blitzkrieg will try to determine the best hamburger recipe using Wagyu Beef vs Angus Beef vs Grass Fed Beef.

Today we’re cooking hamburgers, which are so popular, Americans consume over 50 billion hamburgers annually. That’s about three burgers per person per week. Now if this sounds like a lot, consider this McDonald’s alone claims they sell over 75 burgers per second. That’s about 6 million burgers a day. With so many burgers being consumed, we asked ourselves what is the best hamburger recipe?

Today we’re going to cook these burgers using different kinds of beef. Beginning with this Wagyu Beef, Angus Beef, and 100% grass fed beef, none of my favorite part. We’re going to test the results. All of these burgers are at least 80 20 which means it’s a mix of 80% lean beef and 20% fat, and that’s my preferred choice. As these leaner burgers tend to dry out quickly and lack flavor. We recently published a video for grilling incredible burgers every time, which included tips and tricks for making great patties. If you like these or our other videos, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here!

Best Hamburger Recipe - Wagyu Beef vs Angus Beef vs Grass Fed Beef

Wagyu Beef

So let’s take a look at these burgers closeup and check out the differences in our search for the best hamburger recipe. We have the Wagyu beef burger. The first thing I’m seeing right now is that this Wagyu beef burger is a little bit darker than these other two. However that really doesn’t have to do with the hamburger itself. This one has been sitting out just a little bit longer and we’ve bought it frozen so it’s had just a little bit of oxidation. That’s something you typically see, especially with the hamburgers and that doesn’t make it bad. Just for the record, it just again, as received some oxygen that has changed the color, but really digging in here.

The first thing I see is that the fat is sort of separated even throughout the burger. I can see those really nice fat chunks and they kind of stand alone. I think that’s going to cause this burger to have a lot of favor and maybe make the best hamburger recipe? As we say here at red meat lover, the fat is where it’s at.

Wagyu Beef vs Angus Beef vs Grass Fed Beef Hamburgers
Hamburger beef cooking in skillet.

Angus Beef

Next up, we have our Angus beef burger. This is just your typical store bought beef, again mixed to an 80/20 the thing that I see here is that the fat is really more interwoven with the beef. It doesn’t stand out as its own independent white specs. It this, it has a really much more a pinkish color even than our grass fed beef, which is right over here. This is 100% grass fed beef.

Grass Fed Beef

A quick note, when you buy grass fed beef, most beef is grass fed up to a point, but then it’s grain finished. So when you buy grass fed beef at the store, you really want to look on the label to ensure that it is 100% grass fed beef that makes a difference. In this test for the best hamburger recipe, I want to be sure we’re taking a consistent approach and not using a blend.

So over here we kind of see similarities very similar to the Wagyu Beef. The the fat kind of just stands alone on its own. It’s not as interwoven. I don’t really see any differences in the nature of the fat itself. So I’m really excited to see how this turns out to see if it could make the best hamburger recipe. So I personally like, um, big half-pound burger that is uniformity size and can meet the bun and to end nothing is more annoying than a small burger on an oversize bond or a hamburger that really looks more like a, a football and other countries. Planes, I want these kids to get off my lawn!

Seasoning and Cooking Hamburgers

We’re going to go ahead and season these burgers. Only using a half tablespoon of kosher salt. I’m going to put a little canola oil only on one side. The side that’s going to go down on the cast iron skillet first. Okay, so this pan has been heating. Now for about five minutes. We’re starting, let’s see a little bit of smoke coming up off the top. So it’s time to go ahead and get these burgers in. So first we’re going to start with the Wagyu beef. Let can get it right over here.

Next up is the Angus go right here with it. And over here is the grass fed beef. Again, I placed these oil side down, so we’re going to let these cook for about two minutes on this side. I’m going to flip them, let them cook for another two minutes, and then I’m going to flip them every single minute until they reach an internal temperature of about 130 degrees or what is medium rare then when there’s about a minute left with cooking, I’m going to go ahead and add this cheese.

Best Cheeseburger Cheese

This is good old fashioned American cheese and I know that for some of you this, even the sight of this abomination of a quote unquote, she’s disturbs you to your very core look. I’ll be the first one to acknowledge that it’s not really suitable for most things. Maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe like Pavlov’s dogs. It’s just good old fashion downright conditioning, but it does seem to have found a home smothered a top billions of these delicious meat patties every single year. I thought about just maybe trying the meat plain, but um, that didn’t really seem right. I wanted to experience the burger and its natural habitat smothered in cheese and covered between two buns. So these are almost ready to flip. I’m going to go ahead and finish out this cooking process and we’re going to be right back for the taste test.

Grass Fed Beef Results

Now for the very best part, we’re going to try these and report back to your audience. We’re going to dive right in now and we’re going to start over here with this a hundred percent grass fed beef hamburger. Could it make the best hamburger recipe?

This is a very thick burger with a brioche bun. Could be a little messy here. Let’s give it a shot. It’s a very good burger. The beef, the ground beef in there seems to be pressed up a little tight. I kind of held out and it’s a raw stage, but it’s an excellent burger. Very good. I would not complain about someone serving me this fantastic.

Angus Beef Burger Results

This right here is our Angus beef burger, so let’s dive right in. Again, thick, thick guy, right?

It’s definitely a different tasting burger than this one right here. It seems to have a little bit more richness to it, I think is the word I’m looking for. Um, the ground beef, it just feels a little bit looser in my mouth and my go ahead and actually try that one again. Definitely. There’s definitely a little bit of richness in this one that’s not present over here.

Wagyu Beef Burger Results

Now, the one I’m most excited about, our Wagyu beef burger, let’s check it out. All right. No other thick burger here. Partly due to these brioche bonds. Maybe I should’ve gone with a potato bun, something that kind of compresses a little neater or maybe I should’ve just gone with a thinner Patty. But man, I really liked the taste of that, that beef really shining through all the other condiments right through the bun. Let’s see how it tastes.

Another great tasting burger. I think that this one has a real depth to it’s beefy flavor. I noticed that while it was cooking, it’s up. Go on up. Little different caramelization. Uh, the, my artifact, it’s hard for me to explain. It was a little faster. It was a little richer. Um, Oh, I’m sorry, a little darker, but this has a depth of flavor that I’m just not tasting in these other two. They’re all great burgers and if I were to were to rank them in terms of, uh, most least favorite.

I mean this Wagyu Beef hamburger is just fantastic. It has that richness. It’s hard to explain to find all the words to explain what it is that I’m tasting and rather than trying to convince you, here’s what I do. Here’s what I suggest. I suggest you give this a shot at home, buy these, cook them up, see if there’s any real difference for you.

I mean, there is some differences in the price points as Wagyu Beef is going to be substantially more expensive than this a Angus beef that you typically find in the store. But, uh, is it worth it? You know that’s up for you to determine.

Other Feedback

I also have to share what some of our staff, some of our off-camera staff really had to say about these burgers. I thought it might provide a better experience for you guys at home and starting over here with the grass fed, I heard some feedback that it just tended to dry out a little bit faster. It had more of an earthy flavor, just lacked the richness that many of the other burden that the other two did. As you can see, they’re all gone. Everyone loved him. That, uh, Angus burger, it’s just like basically what you’re used to. It’s familiar, common, a good burger for sure but not going to knock anyone socks off. It is also a little richer and a little bit moisture than our, uh, grass fed.

Now I keep on pointing to it like it’s here and of course they’re all gone. But that Wagyu burger, really, again, the best word I can use is a richness. One of our staff members said it had an anxiousness to it, a real depth of flavor as you bit through it. And again, for the price difference between while GU and these other two, that’s exactly what we’d expect to see. One more thing. If you’re looking to buy some Wagyu, it’s kind of tough to find in a lot of the stores. Um, we have a partnership with a farmer out of Kansas. Wien’s Wagyu we’ve included a link in the description below. Go check them out. Anyway, I’m going to go grab my beer. I’ll see you next time.



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Burger Battle
Best Hamburger Recipe
Best Hamburger Recipe

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