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- Hey everybody. I'm Joey and I'm back with another bite-sized kitchen hack. We get a lot of questions about time and temperature, specifically, what's the right temperature for the grill, or the oven, or how long should this cook for. Well, those are important factors, but what's most important is the internal temperature of the meat. Let me explain. There's a lot of different ways to tell if your meat is done. I've heard a lot of people talk about using the touch or feel method and while some of these methods might be okay, none of them are foolproof, why? Because all these different meats, heck, even different types of steaks have different muscle structures that can really impact how it feels. So if you want a foolproof way to make sure that your food comes out perfect every single time, just go ahead and make the investment in an instant read thermometer. Here we have two of them, and frankly, these two are available for sale in the links in our description below. You have some expensive ones that cost $100 and you have some cheaper ones that you can buy for around $5.

I don't care which one you buy, as long as you have one. The next most important thing, after the purchase, is calibrating this thing, figuring out hey, did the factory program it right. So, there's a simple test you can use for this. One is the boiling water test. Water boils at 212 degrees and so that's exactly what your thermometer should read when it's in the water. So here, we have a less expensive, instant read thermometer. When I did the calibration test on this, it came up that it was about two and a half degrees less than 212. So about two and a half degrees off. Now I cannot calibrate this thing, so it's just good to know when I'm taking the temperature of my food that this is gonna be two and a half degrees too low. This is gonna give you a nice accurate reading every single time because you can calibrate it. You'll know exactly what it should be and where it should be based upon your test, 212. Now there are some other methods but I really do like the calibration method and look, this is the perfect way to create perfect meals every single time.

So you're going to buy or you already own an instant read thermometer. That's a great first step but how will you know when the meat reaches its temperature? Well, that's where we can help you. We sell an easy, well, upside down, we sell a magnet that contains the proper cooking temperatures for a couple of the major meats. Beef, pork, and chicken. You can use this to turn out perfectly cooked, medium rare steaks every single time. If you don't already own a meat temperature guide or an instant read thermometer, go ahead and buy one. It's gonna be one of the best choices you make to turn up the tasty in your kitchen every single meal.

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