This isn’t your grandmother’s cookbook or a snobbish food blog…most of our recipes will include the basic items typically found in any kitchen: – Red Meat, carbs, common veggies, and basic spices.

Some of our recipes may have more extensive processes or requirements but we will try to list commonly available substitutes and indicate whether it is a “necessity” for the recipe.

We will have recipes for side items but as you can expect at, our focus is on preparing THE MEATS!

There are many other sites that provide more gourmet options with extravagant sides involving haute ingredients like saffron, quinoa, and truffle aioli.  We will try to avoid recipes which include far flung spices and herbs (although, they’re becoming increasingly legal in most states).

Cooking is like going to the gym or any form of exercise.  The more you “exercise” the stronger you’ll be.  Red Meat Lover is like a workout for your cooking game, which you can show off in front of your date, or your friends…or just be a hero at your next family bbq.  Being able to cook an awesome steak is like having a set of really great abs….it just feels good and people WILL be jealous.

So turn up the heat, grab a frosty beverage, and get ready for your “workout!”

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  1. I have tried several of your recipes and techniques, all with fabulous results. Thanks, man.

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