Red Meat and Gin

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Julia Child attributed her longevity to a steady diet of red meat and gin. I don’t know if she’s right, but I’m willing to give it a shot. And if bourbon has the same effect as gin, I’ll be in good company.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first post. This site is dedicated to happy carnivores like Mr. Barney Rubble:

If you can relate to this picture, then our site is dedicated to you! We created this site to answer simple, every day questions about preparing and cooking red meat.

Our goal is to show you how to cook any cut of meat you can find in the store using a variety of cooking methods – baking, broiling, grill, stovetop, etc. We want to provide simple, tasty recipes that you, your friends, and your family will enjoy.

Let’s face it, if there’s no meat, then it’s just a snack.

While our namesake site reflects our passion for red meat, we enjoy all things delicious. You can also find chicken and seafood information and recipes here as well.

Visit often as we will be updating the site with humor, knowledge, and of course, MEAT!

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