Poor Man’s Burnt Ends Recipe Video – Smoked Chuck Roast
Servings Prep Time
4people 20minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
2hours / lb 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 20minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
2hours / lb 10minutes
  1. Coat steaks in mustard
  2. Cover steaks with Big Tasty Steak Rub.  Can substitute your favorite seasoning.  Reserve 1 TBSP is you are making wet burnt ends (below)
  3. Heat Smoker at 225 – 250.  You can run the temp as high as 275 if needed for time but no higher.  Remember, to create a smoke chamber in a weber kettle (as shown in the video), you will need to build the fire only on one side of the pit (not the middle).
  4. I typically use a fruit wood like apple for smoking but use whatever you prefer.
  5. Place the Chuck Steaks on the side OPPOSITE the fire.  You’ll need indirect heat to create those crispy burnt ends. 
  6. I place a grill safe probe in meat that monitors the temperature as it cooks.
  7. Will need to check fire and temp to maintain smoking temperature.  I have this transmitter so I can know the temps from inside the house. Usually move wood or add chips every hour or so.
  8. Cook steaks until they reach an internal temperature of about 165 F.  This will take about 1+ hours / lb.  
  9. Remove steaks from the grill one they reach temp
  10. Next steps depend on whether you want your burnt ends “wet” with bbq sauce or “dry”
  11. DRY BURNT ENDS – SKIP STEPS 14 – 18!
  12. Wrap in foil and place back on the grill for another 1+ hours until it reaches an internal temperature of 205.  You could place it in the oven instead (as shown in video).
  13. Remove after it reaches 205, cut into cubes and serve!
  14. WET BURNT ENDS – SKIP STEP 12 & 13
  15. Cut smoked Chuck Roast into cubes.
  16. Add big tasty steak rub, brown sugar, and bbq sauce. On grill another 1-2 hours.
  17. Little bit of sauce and brown sugar OR rub and little bit of sauce
  18. Return to heat another 1-2 hours, covered.
  19. Serve and enjoy!


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