"Why did you make this site and YouTube Channel?"

Have you ever been to the market or butcher and wondered how one cut of meat varies from the others? How is sirloin steak different from flank steak? Or a pork loin different from the tenderloin? If so, you're not alone....

Ask any butcher and they will tell you the number one question they receive is “What’s the best way to cook this?” Do I cook it at a high heat? Low heat?  Smoke it? Grill it!? Braise it?!?! Ahhhh!

All of these questions can be a little overwhelming, especially when you’re trying something new.

That’s why we created Red Meat Lover; to explore these tasty questions about cooking all the MEATS.  And, if you take a close look at our logo, you'll see some of our friends hiding right inside.

Cooking Meat, Made Easy.

We created this site to provide simple recipes, using common ingredients found in most kitchens, using a variety of cooking methods.

Our motto of “Cooking Meat, Made Easy” reflects our belief that there are many right ways to cook and prepare meats, and they don't have to be complicated to be tasty!

 “Are you affiliated with any organization?”

We want to say what we are not – we are not doctors, dieticians, abolitionists (seriously, we love booze – especially bourbon whiskey and red wine), and clearly – we are not vegetarians.

We are not professional chefs and we are not affiliated with any institution or agency. We are not lobbyists for or employees of any company with a “meat agenda” (sounds tasty!).

We are not here to tell you that eating red meat is the very best decision you can make (it probably is!)….or the worst for that matter. We suspect, like candy, eating too much of anything is probably bad for you.

However the respected Greek philosopher, Epicurus, said it much better than we ever could:

“Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.”

Red Meat Lover is dedicated to creating and sharing quality content that is educational, inspirational, and entertaining.  In addition to our site, we also operate a YouTube channel.  In addition to our current show, we are working on a very unique program, Meat America, which brings together meat, recipes, experts & travel.

You can follow us here on our site or our YouTube Channel - we release a new video every week so check back often for updates.

We're working hard to improve this site, and improve your experience here, every day.

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