Website Content Editor Internship

Creative Writing, Content Creation and Curation.


Red Meat Lover is an emerging brand, website, and youtube channel founded by Joe Lampe & Brandon Wade (Managing Members). Our motto is “Cooking Meat, Made Easy.” We like to focus on one part educational, one part entertainment and one part humor as our recipe of success.

We are seeking to grow a team of professionals to gear the company up for sale / significant capital investment in 2020 or beyond.


Working with Joe, Brandon, and other team members will be a varied endeavor. Broadly speaking, the primary role of this Member will be as a content editor for the site. Initial responsibilities for this role will include reviewing all content created by other members for the site and creating and editing for the store, pages, articles, newsletters, and videos. In addition to editing prepared content, the editor will also be responsible for creating original 350-word minimum write-ups for curated content (youtube videos, recipes, etc) as well as publishing pipeline management for the site. The editor shall ensure all content is delivered in a highly readable, entertaining, and SEO optimized way in order to maximize traffic, revenues, and visitor engagement for the site. Other duties will develop over time and may eventually include: new project development, website content management, website administration, social media management, client relations.

This job has flexible hours but a schedule will be developed to maintain quality and expectations.

We are looking for someone 4 – 6 hours a week to start but hope that your work becomes valuable enough to scale upwards in time and hourly rate.


Access to computer, car, and phone and ability to work independently. Must have a general understanding of how to edit on WordPress. Available for a weekly conference call and ability to meet with all members at the monthly meeting. Also, must be a carnivorous evangelist.

Job Type: Internship

Salary: $10.00 to $12.00 /hour

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