how to smoke bacon

Easy PERFECT Smoked Bacon – How to Cook the BEST Bacon!

This smoked bacon recipe is super easy to make! It’s not fast, but it’s worth the wait. This is the perfect recipe to add to your Sunday brunch rotation! Easy Smoked Bacon Recipe First, begin with 1 pound of bacon (obviously). I like to use thick cut bacon when smoking

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bacon jalapeno poppers

I stuffed Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers with… leftover BRISKET?

Last night my family and I went to a local barbecue restaurant and we just ordered a little bit too much. Now, I have leftover brisket (I know, hard to believe) and I was wondering what can I do with this. And the idea was born! I made the brisket stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers on my brand new Solo

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baked wing experiment

I tried a Crispy BAKED Chicken Wing Experiment, which Recipe is BEST?

Have you ever tried to bake chicken wings at home in the oven? Typically, they come out with soft and mushy skin. And that is no bueno! We’re going to try a couple different methods to see which one produces the crispiest baked chicken wings. In order to make the perfect crispy baked chicken wings, we did some experimenting. We

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How to Cut a Whole Chicken Wing, EASY! | Biteseez

You can often buy whole wings for much cheaper than you can buy the individual cuts and I think they’re usually a little bit better quality, too. What are the three parts of the whole wing? Tip Flat Drummie I always struggled with breaking down wings. However, I visited Chef Mike Johnson at Sugar Fire Smokehouse and he showed us

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air fry steak experiment

Will this Steak Experiment make the PERFECT Air Fryer Steak Recipe?

We tried to make the perfect air fried steak. Having a case of deja vu? Don’t worry, we’ve done this experiment before. Here we go again….round TWO! Where Did We Go Wrong?! We recently tried to make the perfect steak in the air fried and (unfortunately) were less than pleased with the outcome. It just didn’t have that perfect crust

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what is a pork steak?

What is a PORK Steak, is it even BETTER than BBQ Pulled Pork?

Today we’re going to answer the questions- What is a pork steak? And why you should be cooking this tasty cut right at home? Well, it’s tasty and that should really be enough for you to want to learn more. What is a pork steak? This incredible cut comes from the pork butt, which is an absolutely terrible name. That’s

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Diva Q BBQ

Diva Q BBQ – Grand Champion Pitmaster | Meat America Podcast | EP 20

In this Meat America episode, we’ll sit down with the baddest woman in BBQ, Danielle “Diva Q” Bennett. She is an experienced BBQ judge who has also proven her skills by taking home several Grand Championships. She has a passion for sharing her recipes, tips and tricks so be sure to follow Diva Q BBQ on social media so you

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fried wing experiment

Oil Fried vs Air Fried CRISPY Chicken Wings Recipe, which is BEST?

Have you ever wondered if air fried chicken wings are better than traditional fried chicken wings? Well, so have we, and today we’re going to put that to the test. We’re going to cook two chicken wings recipes- one way is in this air fryer and the other way is in the deep fryer. To Season or Not To Season?

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air fried wings

I made CRISPY Air Fried Chicken Wings, WOW!

Is it possible to make really crispy chicken wings in an air fryer? Well, today we’re going to try to find out, so follow along and let’s turn up the tasty! Crispy Chicken Wings Chicken wings are (obviously) not red meat. But we LOVE cooking

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THIS is why I Spatchcock Chicken | Biteseez

Today I’m sharing a very important bite sized cooking hack – how to spatchcock a whole chicken. Follow me & let’s go full bird! The term “spatchcock” means “to split open to prepare for grilling”. You could also say it refers to butterflying a chicken.

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we need to talk

100k Subscribers!? We’re SHOOK, thank YOU!

Like many things, Red Meat Lover started as an idea. An idea of buddies cooking around the grill, learning new skills, and having fun while doing it. This concept turned into a resource where people could go and learn along with us. Our goal is to “demystify” all things cooking. From different cuts of meat, debunking cooking myths and trying

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pork chop recipes

Air Fried Pork Chop vs Oil Fried Pork Chop, which one is BEST?!

Today, we’re asking (and answering) an important question. What’s the best way to fry a pork chop? The traditional method with oil or in the air fryer? Let’s Get Fried We are using pork chops that we hand cut ourselves from the larger pork loin. And we’re just going to cook them both with a traditional breading. If you don’t

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porterhouse steak

Cast Iron Skillet Steak | Niblets

Here are some tasty tips for making the best porterhouse steak on the cast iron skillet! NIBLET noun, /niblit/ “A small piece of something TASTY.” Cast Iron Skillet Steak Recipe Generously season porterhouse steak with kosher salt, black pepper and smoked paprika. Place the steak on

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how to cook oven chicken wings

Easy CRISPY Baked Chicken Wings Recipe | NIBLETS

Step up your game with this crispy oven baked chicken recipe! NIBLET noun, /niblit/ “A small piece of something TASTY.” How to Cook Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Wings Preheat oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover a baking pan with foil & place a cooking rack over

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grilled chicken wings

Grilled Crispy Chicken Wings Recipe | NIBLETS

All you need is a few simple ingredients, a grill and an adult beverage to learn how to make perfectly crisped grilled chicken wings-Red Meat Lover style! Niblet noun, /niblit/ “A small piece of something TASTY.” Grilled Crispy Chicken Wings Recipe Remove wing tips (optional).

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grilled wings

Grilled Crispy Chicken Wings Recipe | NIBLETS

All you need is a few simple ingredients, a grill and an adult beverage to learn how to grill perfectly crispy chicken wings-Red Meat Lover style! Niblet noun, /niblit/ “A small piece of something TASTY.” Grilled Crispy Chicken Wings Recipe Remove wing tips (optional). Remove

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