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If you are a MEATatarian and anxiously await the posting of a new article or video, but also think “I have a great recipe I want to share!”, then we want to hear it!   

What We’re Looking For Right Now

Whether you grill, bake, or even slow cook that piece of meat to perfection, we’d love for your to share your secret with us.  Here are a few of the cuts or cooking styles we are looking for right now.  Do your best to make it inspiring / entertaining / funny.

Curated Content
  • Pick an inspiring / entertaining / funny meat-related video from YouTube and write (a minimum of) 500 words about it.
Original Content
Make a meat-related recipe from YouTube and write (a minimum of) 500 words about it.
  • Grilling Tips
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Go-to seasonings
  • Marinade ideas
  • Holiday Traditions
  • Gameday Go-Tos
  • Meat Smoking Techniques
Please supply a high quality image along with your copy 
  • JPG at (minimum) 2000px wide.
Do your best to make it inspiring / entertaining / funny.

Submission Guidelines:

Here are a few details on how you can submit your article to us.

First of all, take a look at our site and videos.  Unless you have an award winning recipe, we don’t need any duplicate recipes.  We are looking for new ideas and don’t believe we need to re-invent the wheel or the grilled chicken wing.

We have a few mottos here at RML which are:
“Any Cut of Meat. Any Type of Heat.” 

“Cooking Meat, Made Easy.” 

Please keep these in mind when generating your content.

Review these articles before writing for us:

Legal Stuff: 

We do not guaranteed to publish your content. We’ll own the rights to the content once submitted. We’ll give you credit.


We are currently offering $25 for Original Content and $10 for Curated Content paid via PayPal once your submission has been approved.

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