BBQ Ribs Competition Style – Guest Post

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Occasionally, we’ll share guest posts from our community of fellow RedMeat Lovers….there’s a lot of great cooks out there who have something to share.  So today we’re sharing an awesome BBQ Ribs recipe (Competition Style) from the BBQ Brothers over at

They have a great recipe for ribs that we wanted to share…very well explained and easy to follow.  As excerpted from their site:

“This recipe is for competition style ribs which means when you bite into them the meat stays on the bone. If you prefer your ribs to be of the “fall off the bone” variety, check out our 3-2-1 BBQ Ribs Recipe instead. And as usual, we recommend using our All Purpose BBQ Rub for either one!”

They also share some easy tips and tricks including the Texas Crutch, for accelerating the cooking process, and the Bend Test to check for done-nesss:

“For two racks of St. Louis cut ribs you’re looking at 5 to 6 hours in the smoker. You can speed up this process by using the Texas Crutch:

  • This means that after 2 to 3 hours you wrap your ribs in foil with a little bit of liquid and put them either back on the smoker or into the oven. You can use the oven since they are wrapped and additional smoke won’t make any difference at this point anyway.
  • This can knock an hour or so off of your cook time with the sacrifice being the outside (or bark) won’t be quite as crisp and pronounced as if you left it unwrapped the whole time.
  • The Texas Crutch will also make your ribs more tender and fall off the bone, if that is what you’re after.

So how do you know when your ribs are finally done? Unlike almost any other BBQ, internal temperature doesn’t help us too much because the bones are so close to the meat that they mess with the probe.

To test for doneness you can use the “bend test” which is when take your tongs and hold your rack of ribs parallel to the ground so they bend. If the bark splits and you have a nice bounce to the meat, you’re all good. You can also just cut a piece off and give it a try to see if it’s done.”

Again, check out the BBQ Brothers for this  BBQ Ribs recipe (Competition Style) and other recipes!



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