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‘Tis the season….for the best parties of the year!  And we can all agree, the very best parties usually involve a combination of family, friends, fun, food…and, of course, sweet libations (“holiday cheer”).

Whether it’s the holidays, a big game, or just another get together….when you’re the Hostest With The Mostest, the big question is what to feed your “bro’s” and “bro-ettes?”  And the real challenge is to make something tasty without going whole hog on your bank account….

Beer Braised Pork Steaks

It’s a simple recipe that can feed a crowd and doesn’t require much work.  And did I mention that it’s fall-off-the-bone and melt-in-your-mouth delicious too?

And since it’s your party, you’re likely to have some beer on hand, which is really convenient because…it’s an ingredient in this recipe.  See how easy this is!?

You can find out more about this unique cut and learn how to make Beer Braised Pork Steaks by clicking our video below.

This video will teach you how to cook Beer Braised Pork Steaks. It’s a simple recipe that can feed a crowd and doesn’t require much work….it’s also fall-off-the-bone and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

This Video Recipe Shares Tips For Cooking Pork Steaks:

1. What is Pork Steak (hint: it’s delicious!)

2. Different cuts of Pork Shoulder

3. A recipe to make Pork Steak very tender

4. The temperature to cook Pork Steaks in the oven

5. How long to bake Pork Steak

6. Using beer in a recipe – can you ever have too much?

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Happy Holidays ya’ll!


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