Charcuterie Box-Red Meat Lovers Carnivore Club Review


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We’re back with another product review! Today, we’re going to take a look at another carnivore club box. It’s part of their monthly subscription that you can subscribe for or send out as a gift. They have a couple of different boxes, you can find the options here.

Today’s box is filled with charcuterie. What is charcuterie (pronounced “shar-coo-ter-ee”)? It refers to preparing, collecting and displaying an array of cooked meats paired with different cheese, fruit, spreads, vegetables and crackers/breads.

Charcuterie Box

The first thing we see is a compilation of their meat menu. It tells you a little bit more about the meat that’s in the box. What you’ll find in this box:

First, the When is Rome Dry Salami: a fine ground Malano style dry salami. It adds clean Spanish flavor. This salami is made from pasture raised, heritage bred pork. It is mixed with a blend of garlic, salt and pepper.

Second, the All Natural Haute Pork: inspired by the trendsetting salamis from Italy. The salami is rich, bold, and utterly delicious. It is made using pork that is coarsely ground with chunks of back fat. The pork is seasoned with traditional spices, white wine, and garlic.

Third, all Natural Tipsy Cow Salami: a Red Bear original. Whole muscle cuts of vegetarian fed Angus beef make up this salami. It’s flavored with Brandi, garlic and aromatic spices. The salami is smoked over a natural oak hardwood and aged for two weeks to develop that deep red color.

Fourth, Scare Bleu All Natural Salami Sticks: crafted from the whole muscle, all natural cuts of pork back fat. This salami has flavors of garlic, sea salt, black pepper, corn, and red wine.

Last, the Diablo All Natural Salami Sticks: originated in Southern Italy. Salami picante is a staple of the antipasto plate and is similar to Spanish chorizo. Paprika and hot pepper flakes season this delicious salami.

The Ultimate Taste Test

  • When In Rome Dry Salami

We picked up on some of the pepper in this one. It’s a real winner in our book.It has some clean, lean Spanish flavor.

  • All Natural Haute Pork

You can really see the peppercorns and fat profile in this Haute Pork. The peppercorns add a mild heat but this one is a little sweet. However, white wine balances the flavor.

  • All Natural Tipsy Cow Salami (Tipsy Cow is something we relate to)

This beef salami tastes very fresh. It has a different taste than summer sausage or anything like that. We really picked up on the garlic and the hints of different spices.

  • Sacre Bleu All Natural Salami Sticks

We were expecting this to have some blue cheese in it, but it doesn’t. The first thing w noticed is the meat’s a little tighter in there than it was with the Diablo Salami Sticks. It has a nice chew and a great snap!

  • Diablo All Natural Salami Sticks

This salami stick is very fresh and not too greasy. We were expecting something really spicy, but this was a nice combination of spicy and salami.

This is not gas station beef sticks or charcuterie. This is really fresh tasting stuff. This box gave us wide variety of stuff. What are your favorite charcuterie pairings? Let us know in the comments below! Want more products reviews? Check out!

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