Code 3 Spices’ Smokin’ on Main in Collinsville, IL

Code 3 Spices Smokin' On Main in Collinsville, Illinois

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Take a walk down Main Street Collinsville as we visit our friends at Code3 Spices signature event, Smokin’ on Main.  This event brings the biggest names and nicest guys in the business paired with best-in-class BBQ, all for a good cause!  Let’s get stepping.  

We met some amazing people

While making our way through the event early in the day we had the great fortune of running into Malcom Reed from the amazing channel How to BBQ Right and Killer Hogs! This is a man who knows his BBQ, to those not in the know Malcom Reed is the Mick Jagger of the BBQ world. After talking a little shop and checking out some vendors we had to keep on moving, as Socrates said time and meat wait for no man. 

I ran into the only person allowed to date my daughter in 10 years. This young man came down to Smokin on Main on his birthday for one thing and one thing only and that was in his words “to get the meat sweat”. After congratulating his parents on raising a fine young man I brushed a tear from my eye and kept on moving. The smoke was in the air and I had yet to really dig in deep with the competition guys to find out how they worked their magic on the city streets. 

These competition dudes are top-notch

The nice folks from In The Red Zone BBQ gave us an amazing rundown of their barrel smokers and even told us how to build our own!  Mostly they were taking it easy and preparing for the next day to cook up some brisket, chicken, pork and pork ribs for the competition. After this lively discussion on what barrels to and not to use (toxic waste bad). 

We moved on down the road to some of the funniest guys of BBQ the Holy Smokers Cookin’ Team! These guys came down with their rolling thunder wood fire smoker which is nicer than my car! So, we talked about our love of Pork steaks and the old days where the only BBQ sauce there was Mauls! 

Code 3 Spices is legit

Next, we decided to head over and have a chat with one of our hosts and friend of the Mike Radosevich co-founder of Code 3 Spices. We talked Code 3 Spices, Sweet Baby Ray, Smokin on Main and got deep into existentialism and modern-day ennui. The viedeo had to be cut a little but keep your eyes out for my whole interview. 

Up next was Sugarfire to take a gander at their 120 lb. hog that was smoking of the street while on our way to meet up with the lovely and way more talented than me Lauren Nagel from Bon Appeteach. A fellow judge in the Rib Eye competition we talked pork butt, pork shoulders, and Chicago winters. Before sneaking over to grab some of that hog that Sugarfire had pulled off the spit and dressed for a feast. 

Well, that’s going to wrap it up for this episode stay meaty people.

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