How To Clean Grill Grates – THROW AWAY Your Wire Brush!

There is a better way to clean your grill

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In this video we’ll show you how to clean grill grates without using that DANGEROUS wire grill brush! So doe yourself a favor and throw away your wire brush as we show you an alternative to cleaning your grill. Clean grill grates are an important because you don’t want yesterday’s cook on tonight’s dinner!

Learn how to safely clean your grill grates.

Hey everybody. I’m Joey. And today I’m back with another bite size cooking hack. Today we’re going to talk about cleaning your grill grates. Now a lot of people use this thing right here, the wire brush. But I’ll tell you what, it’s downright dangerous. So we’re going to show you an alternative.

A Wire Brush on the Grill is DANGEROUS!

So earlier I said that this wire grill brush is downright dangerous. Why did I say that? Well, you see these wire bristles, when you use them to clean your grill like this, they can come off and get stuck on the great. What happens when you put down food? Well, they end up in the food. You eat the food and it ends up inside your body, and these inside your body is no bueno!

Do NOT use a Wire Grill Brush.

If you think I’m being just a little bit paranoid about this, let me tell you that I know someone that suffered as a result of this very incident. Moreover, emergency rooms across the country are filled with similar cases just like this every single year. So what should we use instead?

Aluminum Foil Alternative.

Well, we’re going to use good old fashioned foil. Let me show you what I mean. So the first thing we need to do is get out a sheet, Oh about 18 inches long and this is heavy-duty foil. We’re going to go ahead and rip it like that and then we’re going to go ahead and get it into a ball just like this.

Now you’ll see that this grill is not yet going. So from here you just take the foil ball and give it a nice little scrub across the grill grates that will begin to lose an all that debris that stuck on there from your previous cook. Now if the fire’s already going and it’s really hot, here’s the solution: Tongs. Just grab the tongs, get the foil ball in there, and you can use the same method all the way across. Now, these are real simple methods that you can use, but let me show you how I do it. I go a little bit further.

How to clean your grill.

I like to do get the grill grate out of the pit so I can clean both sides. The first thing I do is grab an old pair of gloves so I don’t get the grease on my hands. As you can see, these have been well used for the same purpose over many months. It’s just going to go ahead and get it out of there and we’re just going to throw it right here on the ground. So now that we have it out, you know we’re just going to go ahead.

Use a pair of gloves and foil ball to get your grill grate clean.
Use a pair of gloves and foil ball to get your grill grate clean.

I can get a little bit more leverage and pressure this way and I like to do just a really thorough job end to end. Just start at one side like this just works my way all the way down, trying to get in those little nooks and crannies. In this case, this folds up right here. This is an aftermarket grill grate. Can get the bottom over here as well. Nobody wants the leftovers of last week’s cook on today’s food, so it’s really important you get this clean, otherwise, you can buy great steaks and they’re going to end up with crispy burnt bits on them from again, last week’s cook.

A Clean Grill Grate

We’re just gonna keep on cleaning until it’s as clean as we can get it. There there are other methods if you wanted to get this thing really close to it’s original condition using things like vinegar, kosher salt among others. For a simple clean before each use, this is the method I use.

When the foil ball gets a little bit too greasy as shown in the video, well, I have another one.

If you’ll take a look close inside the grill in the video, you’ll see we even got some of these back to their original color. So again, it’s never going to be perfect. It is a grill after all. But once we fire up the grill, I’m going to hit it with that foil ball one more time. Again, I am a little bit of a stickler about having as clean a great as possible. It makes all the difference when it comes to the food.

If your grill is hot, use a pair of thongs to hold the foil ball to clean your grate.
If your grill is hot, use a pair of thongs to hold the foil ball to clean your grate.

Stay safe and use an aluminum foil ball to clean your grill.

So for everyone at a home, I just want to encourage you guys to stay safe and grill on. Get rid of that wire brush, grab an aluminum foil ball. I’ve heard of some other techniques with an onion, but at the end of the day, I can eat the onion, so I really don’t want to use it to clean the grill. So anyway, thanks for tuning in. If you liked this video, you know the drill, go ahead and hit that big thumbs up like button or even better.

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