How to Cook & Season Steak – Video Guide

how to cook steak

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How to Cook & Season Steak

I’m excited to bring to you a new guide to help you turn up the tasty right at a home. When I first got started cooking, I spent more time searching for recipes on Google than I did actually cooking. We want to help save you from that same fate. Look, I’ve spent a lot of years practicing my craft. A lot of that was built on screwing things up – failure is a good teacher. But we want to help you avoid some of my costly mistakes. If you’ve been following this channel from the start, you’ve seen our food journey cover a ton of different proteins. Today we’re here to talk about the steak.

How to Cook & Season Steak GUIDE

We created a steak guide that covers so many different cooking methods, whether it’s underwater, over fire, in
the pan, in the oven, on the smoker, or on the grill. If you’re missing grill grates, we even show you
how to cook it directly on the coals. Here’s my point: no matter how you want to cook steak, we can
show you how to do that in the simple guide. This guide is perfect for the beginner or intermediate steak cook, who is still curious about different ways to cook and prepare the meats.

Here’s the beauty of it – you don’t have to go through the entire Red Meat Lover YouTube channel and watch every single video. You don’t have to go to my website and type in the search bar hoping you get the right article (although the website has some pretty awesome non-steak recipes). This guide is really unique. Not only does it include all the videos I’ve ever produced about cooking steaks, it also answers other questions like, “What’s the
best oil to use on my steak?
or “When should I salt my steak?”

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

Want to turn up the tasty with some more flavor? We have included free rubs and compound butter recipes that will help season the steak. This guide is voice activated. You can search by voice and it’ll take you right to where you want to go and answer your questions. We’ve included the transcript so if you’re in a position where you can’t watch the video and you only want to read, we got you covered. It translates
not only the text, but it will speak the directions in your preferred language.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S EVEN MORE! We included a feature so you can direct message me, Joey Brisket, with any questions you have. We include two free messages with your purchase. If you’re in the middle of a cook and you have a pressing question – reach out and I’ll be there to answer!

Who Is This For?

Besides everyone, this guide is perfect for your dad or that guy who’s always burning the steaks. It’s perfect for your brother-in-law or your brother who is just getting started cooking. You live in a high rise in New York? You’re going to need to find other ways to cook tasty steaks without the grill. You’re a college student and you’re tired of eating ramen noodles for 35th day in the row? This will teach you how to cook a great steak without spending an arm and a leg at a steakhouse.

Have Questions?

No worries, we have answers! Watch the video below to see Joey answer all of your burning questions about the steak guide, conspiracy theories, and much more!

Joey Goes LIVE
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