How to Cook Steak Experiment w/ Wagyu Beef Tallow vs Clarified Butter

dry-age steak experiment

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Dry-Age Steak Experiment

We are back with another steak experiment! We are cooking New York Strip Steaks, two ways, and seeing which one turns up the tasty!

Tesla of T-Bones

Our friends at Porter Road sent us these delicious dry aged New York Strip Steaks that we are putting to the test! We are going to cook one steak using Ghee (also known as clarified butter) and the other one using Wagyu beef tallow (also known as liquid gold (also known as meat nectar)).

Why are we doing this? Well, different oils all have different smoke points. Once an oil exceeds it’s smoke point, it leaves the food with a very burnt and bitter taste. That’s no bueno. Ghee has a very high smoke point of about 480 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, Wagyu beef tallow generally has a smoke point of about 420 degrees Fahrenheit. So, we want to figure out which of these two oils makes the tastiest steak.

How to Conduct the Steak Experiment

  • Cook both New York Strip Steaks in the same pan,
  • on the same style heating element,
  • to the same exact temperature.
  • We tried to pull them both off at an internal temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Once off the heat, let each steak rest for 5 minutes.

*Side note: We didn’t add any butter or rosemary to these steaks because we wanted to make it as fair as possible. We really wanted the flavor profiles of the oils and steaks to speak for themselves.

Tasting the Results!

New York Strip Steak cooked in Wagyu beef tallow

Before even cutting into this steak, you can see that it has a beautiful sear on both sides. We love a beautiful sear! This steak was love at first bite. Super juicy and full of flavorful tastiness. You get hit with a real rich, beefy flavor.

New York Strip Steak cooked in Ghee

Compared to the Wagyu beef tallow, this steak did not appear to have as nice of a sear on either side. It wasn’t soggy by any means, but not crispy. However, it is also a very tender and tasty steak. It is less juicy than the other steak, but has a little bit of sweetness to it that we’re not mad about.

You can’t go wrong with cooking a steak in either Wagyu beef tallow or ghee…they are both delicious!

Do us a favor, try this experiment at home! Let us know which steak is your favorite in the comments below. Please head on over and subscribe to our Red Meat Lover YouTube channel so you never miss a video featuring steak experiments, recipes or tasty tidbits!

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