Interview with Keto expert Lauren Nagel from Bon Appeteach

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Who is hot and knows their way around a kitchen? Our own Joey Meatballs of course. Now, who is an amazing cook, writer, and knower of all things Keto? Well, obviously we are talking about Lauren Nagel from Bon Appeteach.

While we were at the Smokin’ on Main event Joey got Shanghaied by the Steak Cookoff Association to judge the Ribeye and Pork Steak competions and while judging he was lucky enough to run into the marvelous Ms. Nagel.

Lauren Nagel

If you are unfamiliar with her (which is criminal and should be rectified post hence) she is a former high school culinary arts teacher who has taken her love and knowledge of food out of the physical classroom and brought it in to a “virtual” one. For an example of her work that would appeal to the RML crowd I suggest you begin with Keto Candied Bacon With Bourbon! It combines our true loves of bacon with bourbon to create a sweet, salty, booze infused confection that warms the cockles of my cold heart.

So, join us as we talk, blogging, pulled pork, and cocktails.

Till next time friends stay tasty!

Red Meat Lover

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