Prime Rib vs Ribeye Steak vs Tomahawk Steak-What’s the Diifference?

prime rib

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Prime Rib

I like big cuts and I cannot lie! And that’s what we’re here to talk about today. We have a 4 pound standing rib roast also called prime rib. A full roast is much larger, usually around 15 to 18 pounds. And you can buy it either boneless or bone in. This big cut of meat is a holiday favorite. But not many people don’t know what a prime rib actually is.

Prime Rib…Explained

This is a ribeye steak, a steakhouse classic. As a matter of fact, about 60% of Americans prefer the ribeye as their favorite cut of steak. However, prime rib is just the ribeye all put together. You can see the similarities – on each cut you can see the spinalis dorsi (also known as the rib cap). It’s one of the most desired cuts of a meat on the entire animal. Generally speaking,
ribeye steak is cut from the larger roast, packaged and sold individually.

Have you noticed what’s really popular on social media right now? This big, sexy Tomahawk steaks! However, the Tomahawk steak is just a ribeye on a really long beef bone. So basically, they cut away the meat around the bone to give the steak a “handle”. The Tomahawk steak gives a great
presentation, but in terms of what you’re actually eating, it’s basically a glorified ribeye steak.

Now, why do we wrap this up? Well, as mentioned earlier, you can buy this other boneless or bone in. This prime rib actually been precut. Which means we cut away the rib eye steak from the bone. Why? Because it just makes it easier to serve once it’s done cooking. Also, the bones add a ton of flavor to the meat!

Prime rib or standing rib roast…whatever you want to call it! But we can all agree, it is delicious. We’re going to get this thing seasoned up and cooked to perfection. If you guys liked this bite-sized cooking hack, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the final result of this delicious prime rib!


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