Baked Boneless Beef Short Ribs Cooked in The Oven

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This week on Read Meat Lover we are baking boneless beef short ribs in the oven, if you are looking for a meat treat then this is the recipe for you!

When most people think ribs, usually pork ribs come to mind but the beef rib should NOT be overlooked. I like to think of them like the Kevin Hart of meat.  They’re relatively short but will always leave you smile on your face.

Smoking beef ribs is ALWAYS a great option, especially for bone-in ribs. But today we’re going to bake these boneless ribs to show you an easier, faster option for the Mighty Mouse of meat.

This cut needs to be cooked low and slow to render the fatty connective tissues so it’s going to take some time about 1 and a half hours.

I prefer boneless short ribs for this recipe because the inedible fat and silverskin has already been trimmed away.  As a result of less fat and no bone, they also tend to cook much faster, in about half the time. This a great dish to make for a get-together, there is not a lot of prep and a long enough cooking time that you can set it and forget it. 

Give this recipe a try and let us know how it worked for you!

Till next time keep it tasty!



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Baked Boneless Beef Short Ribs Cooked in The Oven
  1. • Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  2. • Season thoroughly. Apply generously and coat all sides of the rib.
  3. • Place on a rack. Do not let touch This allows heat to move across all surface of the rib.
  4. • Cook for 1.5 hours until the internal temperature reaches 170-175 degrees.

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