Beef Grades Explained

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Hey everybody, I'm Joey and I'm back bringing you another bite size kitchen hack. If you've watched my videos before, you know that I say make it either choice or prime or don't waste your time when it comes to buying stinks. Now I want you to know a little bit more about why I say that. So follow me. I have some steaks here. Let's check them out.


okay, so as I mentioned, I've purchased three different grades of steaks. These are all New York strip steaks. Over here I have the select in the middle I have the choice and right over here I have the prime. And the first thing I want to bring your attention to on the select steak is the lack of inner muscular fat. As you can see, we have a lot of just really dense meat. Why is that not great? Well, simply put the fat is where it's at when it comes to cooking steaks. That fat adds a lot of rich, beefy flavor. The next thing we have is the choice and take a look at that. Actually, I'll pick it up so you guys can really see that we have much more intermuscular fat than we do over here with the select grade steak. And again, this is really important.

Not only is this going to have more flavor, but it's also going to be a more tender steak. This represents the majority of meat that you're going to find in your market. Of course, in my markets, I often do see select stakes marked down. They're usually much cheaper, but personally for me, this is not a steak I prefer. I do prefer to spend the money and get the better quality choice. Over here we have a prime steak and look at that. You can really see the difference compared to the choice. Heck, take a look at it compared right here next to the select. Look at that. Take a look at it. What'd you, there's a ton more intermuscular fat on that prime beef. Now this prime beef is, is uh, not the best that's available, but pretty close to it. This, this represents about 5% of all beef that's sold in the U S you'll find a lot of this at, you know, your high end restaurants and steak houses.

But the reality is is when you go to those places, oftentimes the steak tastes better because they're buying a higher quality steak. It usually comes down to that. There are some secrets to getting better stakes and we'll cover those in a lot of our other videos. But today I really wanted you to be able to see with your own eyes the difference between the select grade, the choice grade in the prime grade BS. So any closing, we're going to actually in another video we're going to cook these. We're going to sort a taste test the differences and I'll bring all those to you. But, um, simply put, as I opened the video, remember, make it either choice or prime or don't waste your time. If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up, like, or even better, subscribe to our YouTube channel for future updates. It's frankly the best decision you could make for yourself today so that you can keep on learning how to cook me made easy. I'll see you next time. Salad.


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Beef Grades Explained

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