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- Hey everybody, I'm Joey and I'm back today to share some more fan feedback. We had so much fun doing our last video, we thought we'd do it again. So, follow me and let's get started. ♪ This is how we get it done ♪ ♪ This is how we do it, do it ♪ ♪ This is how we get it done ♪ All right, everybody, we're back for another special edition of fan feedback. Let's get started. Our first comment comes from Megan L., "Damn, "that intro though! "Had my mouth watering." Well, thanks Megan. Stick around because it only gets better. Johnny V. writes us, "He said he would flip them "in the same order he put them on. "Ah, no you didn't." Well, thanks for pointing that out Johnny. We're gonna go ahead and fire the intern who messed that up.

- [Man] Joe, you can't fire him. He works for free.

- You get what you pay for. Next up, Jacob K. Writes, "Fire, bro. "Fresh off a bake and wow, recommended. "So freaking skeez." Oh, thanks Jacob. We've always wanted our wings to be described as skeez. Now we can check that one off the bucket list, my man. Next up, FourDave J. Says, "Suck a fat one." Well, thank Dave. Did you know that you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter for future updates or even better, subscribe to our YouTube channel and you'll never miss out on another video.

- [Man] Excellent.

- Next up, Dennis Henson writes, "Just made two filets "using our iron skillet and your directions. "They came out great. "My wife is not a steak lover but she loved this steak. "Thanks and looking forward to trying many "of your other recipes." Well, thank you, Dennis. Here at "Red Meat Lover", we are known for bringing families together. Now, just a head's up, we've gotten variations on this one a lot. Rene D. asked me, "Are you the older brother of Sean Evans?" Well, no, we're not related at all but we do have a few things in common. We both like spicy wings and good company. Connor J. says, "I didn't know Woody Harrelson can cook." Well, thanks Connor but I hope you mean more like "Zombieland" Woody and less like "Kingpin" Woody but here's an interesting fact. Woody follows an all raw vegan diet. So, no. Tyrone W. writes in, "That intro was so fire, "my body took over and I had to subscribe. "I'm sorry." Look man, there's no need to be sorry. We love all our subscribers, no matter how very, very weird they are. Christopher N. writes in, "Leave me alone mom. "I'm getting baked." Well, I guess you could say, "I learned it "from watching you, too." You, YouTube, ya get it?

- [Man] How old are you?

- I'm a dad. Get off my back, man. Next up, Big Baby Dylan writes in, "Removed the flap! "Immediately leaving the channel." Huh, sounds like somebody has a flap attachment. Next up, Graham writes in, "The testosterone in this video "is overflowing." Well, thanks Graham. Many people say I am known for my intoxicating masculinity. Atskip writes us and asks, "What's your favorite "conspiracy documentary?" Well, right now, we are doing some research to see if Guy Fieri really can take us down to Flavortown. We have some pretty solid evidence it's a hoax.

- [Guy] Oh, at Flavortown, we've got a hot--

- And our last comment comes from BloozeDaddy who writes, "Joey, is there anything I can substitute "for meat since I'm a vegan? "I'm just kidding. "Vegans are stupid and I'm not one of those. "I actually wrap my meatloaf in a bacon weave "so the pig is suffocating the cow in one final act "of animal violence before entering the furnace "of death and destruction." Well, Blooze, you're extreme even for us. I like it but I think I'm a little bit frightened. Here at "Red Meat Lover", we're all about cooking meat made easy and that's just what we try to show you in every single video. I hope you've enjoyed this feedback from some of our fans across our entire video library. If you liked this video or any of our other ones, please take a moment to hit the like button or even better, subscribe to our channel for future content so that we can keep on cooking meat made easy. I'll see you next time.


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