Reverse Sear Steak Grill Setup. Grilling Steak Tips for PERFECT Steak!

reverse sear

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Two-Zone Grilling

Perfect for crispy wings, large steaks, roasts and tenderloins. Try this two-zone grilling and reverse sear method for the PERFECT steak!

What are two-zone fires?

Two-zone means there is a side that’s direct heat and a side that’s indirect heat on the grill.

Why are they important?

First of all, it’s really necessary when you have a thick steak, tenderloins and large roasts. You really want that indirect heat to help bring up the internal temperature. If you leave a thick cut over direct heat for too long, you’ll end up with a burnt, bitter and charred steak.

So let’s talk about the couple of different ways we can achieve that indirect heat.

two-zone grilling

Vortex attachment.
You’ve seen us grill with this before to make our incredible crispy grilled chicken wings. The first zone is in the middle. That’s going to be ripping hot heat, but we put the wings over the indirect heat. Why? Well, the fat is going to drip down and cause flare ups and you’ll end up with burnt chicken wings. So we put the chicken wings around the exterior on the indirect heat, or the second zone, which allows them to get nice and crispy.

The other way is to build a two-zone fire. The bottom grate in your grill should have a couple of bars going right down the middle of it. So, move all your coals to one side and get the fire started. The side with the hot coals is the first zone and the side without hot coals is the second zone.

Reverse Sear

What is reverse sear? Well, the name says it all. It’s the exact opposite of the traditional cooking method. For example, if you want to do a reverse sear steak, you will cook the steak on the indirect heat, or second zone, until it reaches your preferred internal temperature. Then, you will move the steak to the direct heat to sear each side. The reverse sear method is a great way to cook a perfect steak. Why? By cooking the meat low and slow first, it allows the steak to cook more evenly and keeps it nice and juicy.

Next time you cook chicken wings, a thick steak or a big old roast, try using both indirect and direct heat to help turn up the tasty for you and your guests. Make sure to browse our site for more grilling recipes and tips and subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we release videos every week!


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