Feelin’ Saucy? Roasted Poblano Pepper Salsa (mild)

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saucy (sô′sē):


  1.  Confident and full of energy, in an entertaining and exciting way.
  2. Playfully rude with a spirited lack of respect.
  3. Having the consistency of or covered in sauce.

Welcome to our first installment of “Feelin’ Saucy?” – which will become a frequent theme on our site.  On top of being playfully and energetically rude, we will provide recipes for a variety of sauces to serve as an “accoutrement!” to your next meal.

Our sauces may be sweet and mild; have savory currents; or protrude a range of spices with indulgent headers or obscene footnotes.  In other words, they will range from “perfect pairing for a holiday party” to  “I need a cold shower.”

Because we are simple people, we will provide simple and delicious recipes (please note that we are NOT delicious people).

We will store all of our sauce recipes here: Feelin’ Saucy

Today’s installment of Feelin’ Saucy is a Roasted Poblano Pepper Hot Sauce.  It’s a mild but slightly sweet sauce with undulating smoky overtones.  This pairs well with our Super Bowl Steak on a Stick and these Grilled Chicken Wings.


Here’s a before pic:

And here’s the after pic:


The full recipe can be found here: Roasted Poblano Pepper Hot Sauce


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