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Today I’m sharing a very important bite sized cooking hack – how to spatchcock a whole chicken. Follow me & let’s go full bird!

The term “spatchcock” means “to split open to prepare for grilling”. You could also say it refers to butterflying a chicken.

So, why use this method? It cuts the cooking time nearly in half and ensures that the bird cooks evenly throughout. I recently share a whole roasted spatchcock chicken recipe, and it cooked in about 90 minutes.

How to Spatchcock Chicken

I prefer to use kitchen or poultry sheers, but you can also use a sharp nice. My poultry sheers were given to us from our friends at Mercer Cutlery.

The method to spatchcock a while chicken is really quite simple. All you need to do is cut out the back bone. You can either start at the neck or the tail, either way, it’s very simple.

Once the backbone is out, flip the bird over, breast side up. Gently push down on the bird to flatten it out. Push down until you hear a slight “crack”. This will help is cook faster and more evenly.

Let’s Go Full Bird!

whole smoked chicken

Look, today’s lesson is all about cooking meat, made easy. The spatchcock method can be used for chickens, turkeys and other birds as well. This method is great for cooking whole chickens and trying out different chicken recipes. One of my favorite ways to prepare this is on the smoker because it has a really nice rich, deep flavor profile.

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