Summer’s Muse: Sweet Bell Peppers

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stuffed bell pepper-2079

In the summer, the late spring showers combine with the subsequent warming sun to create a natural synergy exceedingly suitable for life to thrive.  Summer brings us everything from a lazy day at the beach, to patio parties, to an array of tasty summer vegetables.  We’re here to discuss the latter; namely, those delicious and colorful sweet bell peppers created by the fusion of cool spring showers and the warm summer sun.

I know what you’re thinking, “what is a sweet bell pepper?”  I wondered the same thing so I asked my “google machine.”  It can be broadly defined as a mild pepper of the capsicum family…I’m sure this clears it up for you, right?  Well, me either but it is also just known as a bell pepper and is generally found in most US grocers coming in various colors of red, green, yellow, orange, etc.  They have somewhat “glossy” exterior and a crisp and juicy texture….and they complement a wide variety of fares.

I know what else you’re thinking, “what do vegetables have to do with a site named Red Meat Lover?”

While we are undoubtedly proud (and hungry) carnivores, we are also lovers of all things delicious…..and this includes tasty vegetables.  I can eat a can of room temperature green beans and be pretty happy … and also eat the same with 5 meals a week, but….

The point is, we love vegetables too….especially when those vegetables are filled with MEAT!

There’s probably a lot of different meats you could stuff into a pepper (that sounds incredibly and unintentionally filthy but, nonetheless, true) but we started with ground beef. These bell peppers are stuffed with all natural ground beef, tomatoes, rice, and covered in white cheddar cheese.

It’s a pretty low maintenance dinner as well…..yes, you have to cook the rice and the beef, but both of those steps are relatively easy and can be done the day(s) or night before.

So, go ahead, take advantage of summer’s muse – make some Stuffed Bell Peppers before it ends!

stuffed bell pepper-2


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