Transform Cheap Steak – SIMPLE Trick!

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Transform Cheap Steak Using This SIMPLE Trick!

The secret to a juicy steak doesn’t lie in the smoker, but in a special ingredient that I’d be sharing with you today.  If you love a beautiful looking and juicy steak, then you will get to know how to make even the cheap steak cuts super delicious.

Knowing this trick will save you some of your hard-earned money and provide you with a scrumptious steak despite having cheap cuts.

What’s the Secret?

You must be wondering as to what the secret is. Well, it’s ‘SALT’.  This basic ingredient has the power to transform a cheap steak into the most delicious one that you’ve ever had.  If you salt your steaks for an hour before you place them on the grill or smoker, then you will see a miraculous transformation occurring in the steak.  The steak that was tough and chewy earlier all of a sudden becomes tender and juicy.

transform cheap steak

However, this incredible transformation won’t be done by just any salt.  You will have to use a kosher salt or a coarse sea salt.  The specialty of coarse salt is that it breaks down the proteins and muscle fibers in the meat, thus making it tender.

Why Salt?

Salt is not just used to give a better taste to the food, but it does a lot of different things to the food. If you rub some coarse salt on a steak, then some of the natural juices of the meat come out, dissolves the salt and create a brine.  The majority of the brine is reabsorbed, which in turn tenderize the meat and also enhance the flavors.

If the salt is left on the steak for multiple hours or days, then it will pull all the moisture out of the meat.

How to make a steak tender and juicy with salt?

To tenderize a steak, apply 1 teaspoon of coarse salt or kosher salt on the steak an hour prior to smoking it.  Rub the salt all over the steak to be sure that the salt granules break down the meat fibers.

Once you’re done applying the salt, keep the steak aside for an hour (Time will be longer for thicker cuts).  After an hour, rinse the salt off the steak by placing it under cold running water.

transform cheap steak 2

Now, pat the steak using paper towels to make it dry.  Once the steak is fully dried, apply the seasoning and put it on the ceramic grill.  Cook it for 10-12 minutes and then, you are all set to enjoy a juicy and tender steak.


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