What is a PORK Steak, is it even BETTER than BBQ Pulled Pork?

what is a pork steak?

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Pork Steak

Today we’re going to answer the questions- What is a pork steak? And why you should be cooking this tasty cut right at home? Well, it’s tasty and that should really be enough for you to want to learn more.

What is a pork steak?

pork butt

This incredible cut comes from the pork butt, which is an absolutely terrible name. That’s because the pork butt is actually found at the pork shoulder. That’s right. The pork butt comes from the pork shoulder. The pork butt is the most common cut used to make BBQ pulled pork. We recently visited a butcher who showed us how to take an entire pork butt and cut it in to these tasty pork steaks.

It has a ton of connective fat. And as you’ve heard me say before, “the fat is where it’s at.”

Typically, they are cut thin at about a quarter inch thick. That size is fine for braising or a real hot and fast grill. We actually showed you how to do that in another video with our friends from Code 3 Spices. A few years ago, I was the judge at a pork steak contest and it changed my life.

However, prepare I prepare them in the smoker and they really need to be about three quarters of an inch thick. One reason why you should be doing this at home instead of pulled pork? Pork steaks have more surface area on both sides. That’s going to mean more bark and more flavor.

Pork steaks are largely a regional cut of meat. But, they really should be on store shelves across the nation, because it is so incredibly tasty. They are easily found around town here in St. Louis. Unfortunately, due to the accent, they’re typically called “park steaks” or “pork snakes”. They are called PORK STEAKS, people. Get it right!

Try this for yourself at home – just head to your local butcher and ask them to cut you steaks from the pork butt. If they don’t know how, just share our video with them!

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