Angus vs American Wagyu vs Wagyu – What’s the Difference?

what is a wagyu steak

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Angus vs, Wangus vs. Wagyu

Today, I compare Angus vs. American Wagyu vs. Wagyu beef ribeye steaks. I explain the difference of these three tasty meats and talk about WHY this beef is so magical!

Angus vs. American Wagyu vs. Wagyu Beef

The first thing you need to know is that 100% Wagyu comes from Japan and it’s very rare in the United States. Most of what’s being sold in your grocery stores are a cross between Wagyu and Angus. This is also known as American Wagyu or Wangus.

Certified Angus Beef (graded choice) – This represents the majority of the meat you’re going to find on your store shelves. Ribeye steaks have a lot of natural fat which is why a lot of people prefer this cut of meat. The fat is where it’s at! As far as different grades of steak, choice is the easiest to find in the store. Here is a more in depth explanation of the different types of beef grades.

American Wagyu – This breed of cattle is a cross between Angus and purebred Wagyu. You may also see this called “Wangus” beef. This cross is easier to find in the stores than it’s purebred relative. These steaks will be more marbled that an Angus prime steak. Wangus is a good middle ground if you want to spend a little but more money for a tastier steak but aren’t able to find 100% Wagyu anywhere (which is likely).

Wagyu – This is the type of beef that you will only find at extremely fancy steakhouses or in other parts of the country. You probably won’t find this at your local butcher shop or grocery store. This beef is extremely well marbled which results in tender, tasty, “melt in your mouth” steaks. You have to try it at least once in your life!

It’s Bougie Meat, Baby!

We suggest looking for Wangus next time you are looking for a delicious steak. It is a very delicious product that is going to be a little bit cheaper than the full blood. Either way, you have got to try out it for yourself. It’s bougie meat, baby! It’s the top of the line. You really can’t eat much better than this. Be sure to stay tuned in to our YouTube channel, where we will be putting these ribeye steaks to the test!

Not able to find Wagyu in the stores? No problem! Visit our friends at Wien’s Wagyu. They sell top of the line meat from their family run farm in Meade, Kansas.

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