How to Season Steak Experiment – Coarse vs. Fine Ground Seasoning!?

how to season steak

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Flavor Experiment

If you’re a true Red Meat Lover follower, you know that we love doing steak experiments! Especially salt experiments. This time, we compared fine ground and coarse ground seasonings to see if they create different flavor profiles. We seasoned our ribeye steaks (get THE BEST beef from our friend’s at Wien’s Wagyu) with half a tablespoon of each kind of salt. Follow along to see which salt produced the best results!

Fine Ground Salt

steak experiment

The fine ground salt coats the steak very evenly so we know that every bite of steak it going to be filled with flavor. We cooked both steaks to an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit or medium rare.

Now for the taste teste: At first bite we got a nice, rich flavor. The flavor was end to end and really helped pull out the richness of the ribeye steak.

Coarse Ground Salt

ribeye steak

At first look, you can definitely see some of that coarse ground seasoning left on the steak. We also noticed that there were a lot of “empty” spots on the steak that didn’t have any seasoning at all.

The coarse ground salt definitely didn’t give as rich as a flavor as the steak seasoned with the fine ground salt.

Which Salt is Best?

We think the winner is obvious. The fine ground added more flavor and richness to the steak. It also covered the steak in it’s entirety with beautiful, tasty flavor.

Try this steak experiment in your kitchen and let us know your thoughts! Do you prefer coarse ground or fine ground salt? Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow along our tasty tour with our show Meat America.


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