How to Cook Filet Mignon-Beef Tenderloin Recipes GRILL, PAN or OVEN!

filet mignon

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Today we’re going to talk about the beef tenderloin AKA the Filet Mignon. This cut of beef is often regaled is the “King of Steaks”. When you go to any steak house it will likely be one of the priciest steaks on the menu. But guess what?! You can make it right at home. Today we will share tips, tricks, and recipes that you can use to turn up the tasty right in your own kitchen! We’ll show you:

Break down an entire beef tenderloin.

Make incredible steak and eggs.

Cook filet mignon in a cast iron skillet.

Cook filet mignon THREE ways.

How to Cook Filet Mignon

Beef Tenderloin Breakdown

beef tenderloin

We bought a nine pound behemoth beef tenderloin (say that three times) and show you how to break it down into smaller pieces. In this video you’ll learn important steps that include:

  • Opening the bag correctly (sounds simple, but can save you a lot of time)
  • Trim excess fat and silver skin
  • Tie up a smaller tenderloin and smaller filet mignon steaks
  • Season and cook a phenomenal beef tenderloin

Steak and Eggs with Chimichurri

chimmichurri sauce

Scrambled, fried, sunny side up, sunny side down, poached, omelets, hard-boiled…you name it! Steak and eggs is not a new combination. However, it can often times be bland and boring. We want to set you free from the shackles of mediocrity with this steak and eggs recipe.

Tender filet mignon steak paired with sunny side up eggs cooked in delicious chimmichuri sauce. Perfect for weekly breakfast or Sunday brunch!

Filet Mignon in Cast Iron Skillet

grilled filet mignon

Time to combine a versatile cut of meat with a versatile kitchen staple. Que, cooking a filet mignon in a cast iron skillet. The cast iron skillet is versatile because it can be used on any number of heat sources including the campfire, grill, stove and oven. With this recipe, we use common kitchen staples and share some great tips to cook up a tender, decadent filet mignon steak that you get to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, without spending all your of money at a steakhouse. Also a bonus, there is bacon involved!

Filet Mignon THREE Ways

What is the best filet mignon recipe? Well, that’s for you to decide. We cooked filet mignon three ways: once over fire, once under water (sous vide) and once using the reverse sear method. The filet mignon is often known as the “King of Steaks”. And what do Kings do they battle for? Well, supremacy, of course! While there is no actual gold at stake here today, we throw down the gauntlet cooking three different filet mignon recipes

At Red Meat Lover, we take steak VERY seriously. But there is no specific way to cook it. As you’ve seen there is a cooking method for everyone! Try out some of these recipes and let us know which one worked best for YOU. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cooking meat made easy.


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