Meat America Podcast #5-Mike Johnson of Sugarfire Smoke House

sugarfire smoke house

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Sugarfire Smokehouse

In this video, we sit down with Mike Johnson. Mike is as genuine as they come and we discuss how he got his start in the restaurant business. What it’s like working for a famous Chef. His struggles in the restaurant industry and growing Sugarfire Smoke House. Mike Shares some truly hilarious stories along the way!

Mike Johnson is an award winning pitmaster who owns several Missouri based restaurants:

  • Sugarfire Smoke House, which gives traditional BBQ a St. Louis twist and features ribs, pulled pork and brisket.
  • Hi-Pointe Drive-In, a reclaimed 80’s drive in that offers modern burgers using local ingredients.
  • Mike’s newest concept, Chicken Out, is a fast-casual joint that offers fresh, pressure-fried chicken.

The Meat America Podcast presented by Code 3 Spices will “meat” experts to discuss incredible stories, business and life advice, meat (of course), and much much more! Like a bunch of friends gathered around the grill, the meat brings us together but our unique lineup of guests will take the conversation in exciting directions. Are you ready for an adventure? Follow along every week as we Meat America!

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One Comment on “Meat America Podcast #5-Mike Johnson of Sugarfire Smoke House”

  1. My mother and my husband are one thing. But when I’m told by friends and their friends that my ribs are better than the ones they get at at your restaurants here in Washington MO and St. Louis, I am concerned. I learned how to smoke ribs from your recipe on Pit Masters. I followed the recipe religiously. Please tell me that you keep track of how your precious recipe is followed in your restaurants! Your instructions are the very bbq I trust in.

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