Diva Q BBQ – Grand Champion Pitmaster | Meat America Podcast | EP 20

Diva Q BBQ

In this Meat America episode, we’ll sit down with the baddest woman in BBQ, Danielle “Diva Q” Bennett. She is an experienced BBQ judge who has also proven her skills by taking home several Grand Championships. She has a passion for sharing her recipes, tips and tricks so be sure to follow Diva Q BBQ on social media so you … Read More

Create a Meaningful Life – Jamie Morgan | Meat America Podcast | Ep 19

jamie morgan

In this Meat America episode, we welcome back Jamie Morgan. Jamie is our resident mental health expert. We talk about navigating the context and circumstances to create a meaningful life. First, Jamie talks about the context of life and growing your life beyond your circumstances. Then, he explains the “story” of your life and creating meaning, beliefs & your mindset. … Read More

How Food Changed My Life – Lee Conway | Meat America Podcast | Ep 17

chef lee conway

In this video, we catch up with Chef Lee Conway. First, he shares his unique story and passionate views on food. Then, we dive into his mindset on personal growth. He shares about being a boy growing up in Philly and his career path to opening his own restaurant. Chef Conway is a select member of the Honorable Order of … Read More

Brad Barrett – Founder of GrillGrates | MEAT AMERICA PODCAST #15

grill grates

In this video, we talk with Brad Barrett who is the founder and president of GrillGrates. Brad explains what GrillGrates are and how they impact grilling and cooking in general. Then, we discuss a heated topic: Are wire bristles dangerous for cleaning the grill? Also, Brad walks us though starting and growing a business and tips for hiring employees to … Read More

Hardcore Carnivore – Jess Pryles | MEAT AMERICA PODCAST #14

hardcore carnivore

In this video, we sit down with Jess Pryles who is an author, TV personality, live fire cook. She is also creator of some damn good rubs and spices at Hardcore Carnivore. Find her delicious creations here! Follow along Jess Pryles talks about creating the Hardcore Carnivore Spices. Then, she reveals the secrets to growing the business and writing a … Read More

Meat America Podcast #12-Christina Fitzgerald-SugarFire & Food Network Star

christina fitzgerald

In this Meat America episode, we sit down with Chef Christina Fitzgerald.  We learn about her experience of growing a franchise, travelling the globe, and her experience on Food Network Star. Christina talks about her journey in the culinary world and her experience on the Food Network. Also, she gives us insight on growing the Sugarfire Smokehouse, travelling the world … Read More

Meat America #11-Kevin Kolman-BEST Job in the World?!

kevin kolman

What is the BEST job in the entire World?! Well, if you love to grill, then most of us can agree on one thing. Being Head Grill Master for Weber Grills would be pretty cool, right?! In this video, we sit down with Kevin Kolman, THE Head Grill Master for Weber Grills. He tells us about his journey with Weber, … Read More

Meat America Podcast #10-Charlie McKenna of Lillie’s Q & 2X BBQ World Champ

charlie mckenna

In this video, we sit down with Charlie McKenna – a classically trained chef, 2X World BBQ Champion, and owner of Lillie’s Q in Chicago. Lillie’s Q offers a full line of BBQ sauces, rubs, mixes and more found in retailers across 9 countries! Charlie is incredibly successful and passionate about food and BBQ. You’ll get fired up about cooking … Read More

Meat America Podcast #8-Jim Miller UFC, Hunting & BBQ

jim miller

In this video, we talk to UFC fighter Jim Miller. Jim is a UFC Professional who holds the record for most wins in the UFC Lightweight Division.  Not only is Jim a future UFC Hall of Famer but he’s an incredibly nice guy. The New Jersey native has a 32-15 record in the Lightweight Division. We talk to Jim “A-10” … Read More

Meat America Podcast #7-Jamie Morgan-Mental Health Expert

jamie morgan

In this video, we welcome mental health expert, Jamie Morgan to discuss life changing moments. Jamie is a truly inspiring guy who has an unusual path towards becoming a licensed counselor. And shares a mutually life changing moment with our host, Mike. Jamie has been a mental health expert since 2007.Also, the founder of My Family Counseling & Integrative Wellness. … Read More

Meat America Podcast #6-Meathead Goldwyn

meathead golwyn

In this video, we sit down with Meathead Goldwyn. He is a “jack of all trades”. First, Meathead is an author – Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling. Second, he is the owner of AmazingRibs.com. AmazingRibs.com is one of the top 25 most popular food websites in the US with incredible research and knowledge about all things BBQ … Read More

Meat America Podcast #5-Mike Johnson of Sugarfire Smoke House

sugarfire smoke house

In this video, we sit down with Mike Johnson. Mike is as genuine as they come and we discuss how he got his start in the restaurant business. What it’s like working for a famous Chef. His struggles in the restaurant industry and growing Sugarfire Smoke House. Mike Shares some truly hilarious stories along the way! Mike Johnson is an … Read More

Meat America Podcast #3 – Malcom Reed & Chris Bohnemeier

In this video, we sit down with BBQ legend and pitmaster Malcom Reed. You may know him from his website HowtoBBQRight.com who has won numerous competitions and awards. Oh yeah, and did we mention he also has over 1 million YouTube Subscribers, check it out here. Malcom Reed is truly a genuine and fun guy who loves helping others learn … Read More

Meat America Podcast #2 – Jason Jensen: Terror, Trauma, & Coincidence?

Meat America Podcast #2 - Jason Jensen: Terror, Trauma, & Coincidence?

In this video, we sit down with Jason Jensen. He shares the GRIPPING story of one of America’s scariest moments through his experience. He shares some truly remarkable coincidences and other life changing moments. He’s smart and humble. Jason has some thoughtful views on this thing we call life. Nineteen years ago, Jason starting working with an investment firm. He … Read More

Meat America Podcast #1 – Hosted by Code3 Spices & Red Meat Lover

Meat America Podcast #1 - Hosted by Code3 Spices & Red Meat Lover

The Meat America Podcast is co-hosted by Mike Radosovich of Code3 Spices and Joey of Red Meat Lover. In this inaugural episode, we talk more about the backgrounds of the Mike & Joey and the scope for this Podcast. Mike Radosovich is a former police officer from St. Louis, Missouri. He turned his love of bbq into a career. First, … Read More