Do you remember the old advertising campaign from the 80’s and 90’s which branded Pork as “the other white meat?”  

You probably do.  It’s widely regarded as one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history.  The campaign was so effective, many people accept it as fact (hint, pork is not white meat).

According to the Giver of Limitless Intelligence, Wikipedia: “meats which are red when raw and turn white on cooking, like pork, are categorized by the Stated Department of Agriculture as red meat.”

Pork IS red meat, which is obvious to anyone that has handled raw pork – but this statement also has the full endorsement of the United States Government behind it.  Impressive!

We only point this out because we don’t want white meat (we love you too white meat!) claiming something as delicious as bacon….or, our personal favorite meat snack, prosciutto…….yes, we said it – meat snack!

Mmmmm……..prosciutto (wipes drool off keyboard).

Please be patient with us as we build this into what we hope will become a comprehensive resource for information about cuts of pork and their attributes, preferred cooking methods, recipes, and anything else of use to the legions of red meat lovers.

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Pork chart


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