Crispy Fried Hot Wings Recipes-TRASHED Fried Chicken Wings, 3 Ways!

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Trashed Wings

We’re back with another chicken wing experiment. We’re going to make some amazing crispy fried TRASHED wings! What are trashed wings? Also known as dirty wings? Simply put, trashed wings are double fried chicken wings. We tried three different versions to see which is best!

Trashed Chicken Wings

We did three different types of trashed wings, tasted them & decided which fried chicken recipe was the best of the best. The three groups were:

First, is the control recipe. We fried the wings and tossed them in Frank’s Red Hot wing sauce. That’s it!

For our second group, we added an extra step. We fried the wings, tossed them in some Frank’s Red Hot and then fried them again. This method is what is most commonly referred to as trashed wings.

Lastly, we really stepped the flavor on these wings! We fried the wings, coated them with Backdraft Rub from Code 3 Spices, tossed them in Frank’s Red Hot and fry them one last time.

fried chicken wings

It is important to take a moment to mention we heat heat this oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You always want to heat the oil below its smoke point. Once it starts smoking, it could be dangerous and going to produce a burnt kind of bitter a fry on the food.

Which oil makes the crispiest wing? Check out this post that compares vegetable, corn and peanut oil.

Chicken Wing Taste Test

The first wing (control) recipe was, let’s be honest, disappointing. Since the wings weren’t fried, they sat in the sauce and became wet and soggy. This is why when we go to a restaurant, we always order plain wings. Get the sauce on the side, so no matter how long it takes to eat the wings,
they’re still crispy.

Second, we tasted the wings that were double fried. They were a lot crispier but you still get that heat from the Frank’s Red Hot.

Last up where the double fried wings seasoned with Code 3 Spices Backdraft Rub. These were the crispiest wings of the all three of all three recipes. The rub has the perfect amount of heat and sweet at the same time. This adds a subtle, yet unique flavor to the wings.

fried wings

In our professional, Red Meat Lover, opinion, the definite winner of this experiment are the true trashed wings! If you’re going to fry wings, there’s really no other way. You gotta trash them and get them dirty because that’s where the real flavor is.

We encourage you to try this experiment at home. What recipe was your favorite? Do you prefer drummies or flats?? Do you want to see more CHICKEN on Red Meat Lover??? Let us know in the comments!

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Crispy Fried Hot Wings Recipes-TRASHED Fried Chicken Wings, 3 Ways!
trashed hot wings
trashed hot wings

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