Cast Iron Skillet Sirloin Steak

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Our motto here at is “Any cut of meat.  Any type of heat.”  So, staying true to our motto, we will share recipes to sizzle your meat across a spectrum of heat.

Today, we will be talking about making a  Cast Iron Skillet Sirloin Steak….try saying that fast 4 times….“Sufferin Succotash!”

Why Use a Cast Iron Skillet?

While I cannot deny the joy of cooking over a grill, sometimes it is a less-than desirable option. You know, things like tornadoes and blizzards can happen.  I do not own or use a gas grill and if I’m feeling tired, rushed, or just plain lazy, the effort involved with starting a fire can seem near daunting.

This calls for an alternative steak cooking option. The oft-overlooked cast iron skillet. It is a great way to cook a fantastic steak indoors on the stove.  In addition to the benefits of being both fast and easy, the skillet cooked steak produces an “even” heat for balanced cooking of my red meat du jour.

Versatility & Accuracy

Although we used a sirloin steak for this recipe, the skillet is a versatile partner for succulent (aka, fatty) steaks like ribeye, Tbones, & NY Strip steaks that can prove difficult on the grill.  A common pitfall of cooking on the grill are “flare-ups,” which can easily give a $15 steak the undesirable flavor of burnt toast – unfortunately, I know from experience.

I have experimented with aluminum and Teflon pans / skillets, but I consistently get the best results using cast-iron. The others can work fine if needed, but the ‘ol tried-and-true cast iron produces the best char, and most even heat, on the steak.

The skillet method only serves inefficient if you’re cooking for a crowd, due to the limited number of steaks that can be cooked at once.  However, it undoubtedly makes a perfect companion when cooking for yourself and the ideal ménage-a-trios partner in the kitchen on date nights.

One Final Note

I prefer finely ground powders instead of minced garlic, for example, as the larger seasonings can burn; the powders provide a delectable and savory char on the exterior.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on cooking delicious meat.  If you have a cast-iron skillet and want to cook a tasty sirloin, t-bone, or NY Strip steak check out these tips for grilling a sirloin steak.  If you don’t own a cast iron skillet then you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself some tough questions about your “meat cred.”  

However, if you’re grilling sirloin steak for a crowd OR it’s just a great day to grill; you can find our other contributions here at: Big Tasty Grilled Sirloin Steak.

cast iron sirloin steak skillet


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