Meat America Podcast #3 – Malcom Reed & Chris Bohnemeier

In this video, we sit down with BBQ legend and pitmaster Malcom Reed. You may know him from his website who has won numerous competitions and awards. Oh yeah, and did we mention he also has over 1 million YouTube Subscribers, check it out here. Malcom Reed is truly a genuine and fun guy who loves helping others learn … Read More

Meat America Podcast #2 – Jason Jensen: Terror, Trauma, & Coincidence?

Meat America Podcast #2 - Jason Jensen: Terror, Trauma, & Coincidence?

In this video, we sit down with Jason Jensen. He shares the GRIPPING story of one of America’s scariest moments through his experience. He shares some truly remarkable coincidences and other life changing moments. He’s smart and humble. Jason has some thoughtful views on this thing we call life. Nineteen years ago, Jason starting working with an investment firm. He … Read More

Meat America Podcast #1 – Hosted by Code3 Spices & Red Meat Lover

Meat America Podcast #1 - Hosted by Code3 Spices & Red Meat Lover

The Meat America Podcast is co-hosted by Mike Radosovich of Code3 Spices and Joey of Red Meat Lover. In this inaugural episode, we talk more about the backgrounds of the Mike & Joey and the scope for this Podcast. Mike Radosovich is a former police officer from St. Louis, Missouri. He turned his love of bbq into a career. First, … Read More

Red Meat Lover 2.0

If you’re a returning visitor to the site, you will notice that we have completely upgraded and updated the website.  If you’re a new visitor, welcome home!  Why did we spend too much time and money to create this site?  Simply because…. The previous website was really great and had some nice features but in order to build the very … Read More

Meat The Expert: Larry Schubert

“Meat” Larry Schubert, who founded Schubert’s Packing Co., Inc. in Millstadt Illinois, a farming town located 20 minutes east of St. Louis.  “We opened the doors in 1978 and we had nothing to lose.  We just bought a house and had a new baby.  Our first daughter was born Jan 30th and I quit my job on Jan 31st.”  He’s a … Read More

Honeybaked Ham and Bean Soup

Honeybaked Ham and Bean Soup

The Holidays are just around the corner – that means celebrating with friends, family and, of course, a lot of great food.  At Christmas and Thanksgiving, our family celebrations always include generous portions of turkey, ham, stuffing, all the sides….and more desserts than we can eat.  We’re spoiled. After all the meal is finished and the leftovers given away – there is usually … Read More

Cast Iron Skillet Sirloin Steak

Our motto here at is “Any cut of meat.  Any type of heat.”  So, staying true to our motto, we will share recipes to sizzle your meat across a spectrum of heat. Today, we will be talking about making a  Cast Iron Skillet Sirloin Steak….try saying that fast 4 times….“Sufferin Succotash!” While I cannot deny the joy of cooking over … Read More

Budweiser Ribfest – St. Louis

Join us at Budweiser Ribfest in New Town St. Charles, May 22 – 25.  There will be good bands, great food, and (of course) us! Grab some ribs and beer then stop by our tent…where loitering is encouraged! You can find more about the event here:    

Red Meat and Gin

Julia Child attributed her longevity to a steady diet of red meat and gin. I don’t know if she’s right, but I’m willing to give it a shot. And if bourbon has the same effect as gin, I’ll be in good company. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first post. This site is dedicated to happy carnivores like … Read More