Grilled Chicken Wings – The Secrets to Grilling Crispy Wings

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This video will teach you how to cook “fried” Chicken Wings on a charcoal grill. They’re so crispy, you’ll swear they came right out of the fryer!

How to make crispy “fried” chicken wings on a charcoal grill.

These wings are great for parties

Yes, we know that chicken is not red meat but it is too good to be ignored…. 

Let’s face it, wings are so hot right now….literally and figuratively. Unsurprisingly, they are a must-have appetizer at happy hour, backyard bbq’s, and other social gatherings. This once discarded part of the bird, has even evolved to become haute cuisine in some restaurants.

So what’s stopping you from making these tasty little meat morsels right at home? You don’t need an industrial fryer and don’t need to make a big mess in your kitchen….because frying is messy.

As a matter of fact, we’ll be cooking these on the grill….they’re not fried at all. However, the result will be the texture, crispiness, and crunch of fried chicken wings. They’re so crispy, you’ll swear they came right out of the fyer!

Season your wings JoJo rub
Season your wings liberally with JoJo rub.

Learn To Make “Fried” Chicken Wings on a Charcoal Grill

This video shares easy tips for grilling amazing chicken wings, including:
  1.  The 3 parts of a chicken wing – the wingtip, wing (wingette), and drummy (drumette) – and how to trim the wing
  2. How many wings are consumed on Superbowl Sunday – it’s really unbelievable!
  3. A recipe for chicken wing seasoning
  4. How long to cook wings on the grill
  5. The perfect location of charcoal in a kettle grill
  6. What to do while your wings are grilling (Spoiler alert – Drink beer and watch the game!)
  7. How to cook simple and ridiculously good chicken wings (of course)
crispy grilled wings on a Weber grill
Grilled wings to crispy perfection.

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