Meat America Podcast #3 – Malcom Reed & Chris Bohnemeier

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In this video, we sit down with BBQ legend and pitmaster Malcom Reed. You may know him from his website who has won numerous competitions and awards. Oh yeah, and did we mention he also has over 1 million YouTube Subscribers, check it out here.

Malcom Reed is truly a genuine and fun guy who loves helping others learn how to BBQ. He has also created the Killer Hogs sauces and spices to share his award-winning flavor profiles with the BBQ community. He has won several Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) events and in 2019, he placed 12th in the world finale!

Also joining us today is Chris Bohnemeier. As the co-owner of Code 3 Spices, he created a lineup of award-winning spices and sauces. Chris is a prolific name in the steak competition circuits. They’ll talk competition cooking life and share some tips and tricks for starting your very own spice and sauce company.

The Meat America Podcast presented by Code 3 Spices will “meat” experts to discuss incredible stories, business and life advice, meat (of course), and much much more! Like a bunch of friends gathered around the grill, the meat brings us together but our unique lineup of guests will take the conversation in exciting directions. Are you ready for an adventure? Follow along every week as we Meat America!

To learn more about Code 3 Spices and shop the best BBQ spices and supplies, go to For more Meat America Podcast episodes and other Red Meat Lover content, go to


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