Crispy Grilled Chicken Wings Recipes on Weber Kettle

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In this video, we’ll experiment using different crispy grilled chicken wings recipes on weber kettle grill! Follow along to see which recipe creates the crispiest grilled chicken wings!

Hey everybody. I’m Joey, and do you like crispy grilled chicken wings? If so, you’re in the right place because we’re doing a little experiment with different recipes to see which one creates the crispiest grilled wings of all. So, follow me and let’s turn up the tasty! 

Preparing your chicken wings

Making crispy chicken wings is really easy if you want to fry them, but why fry them when grilling them adds so much more flavor? Look, we’ve already done a video that shows you how to grill really crispy chicken wings, but today, we’re going to try a couple of different recipes. And then my favorite part is testing the results. Now, the first thing that you’re going to need is buy a cheap domestic beer. You won’t actually need it for cooking, but nothing goes better with grilling than cheap domestic beer. So that’s what we have right here. Second, we have chicken wings. As you can see, I’ll start over here. Actually, this is going to be our control group.

Seasoning your wings

This is just going to be the way that we made them in our last grill video. We’re going to season them with JoJo Rub. JoJo Rub is a simple rub we created using common ingredients found in most kitchens — probably yours, too. So over here we’re only going to season these with JoJo Rub, that’s it. Over here we have a 50-50 mixture of corn, starch and flour, two tablespoons flour, two tablespoons cornstarch, and then we’ll add a tablespoon of JoJo Rub.

Season your wings using JoJo Rub
Season your wings using JoJo Rub

We want to keep the seasoning the same across all the recipes, so that way different flavors don’t impact the final result. What we’re really checking to see is which of these makes the crispiest grilled wings. And with these over here, we’re going to season them the same way that we did in our crispy baked chicken wings video using two parts JoJo Rub to one part of baking powder. I’m really excited to see how these different techniques are going to impact that final crispiness of the chicken. Now before we get started, I just need to add the JoJo Rub to this flour cornstarch mixture right here.

Getting your wings on the grill

Alright, now that we have these fully seasoned, let’s go ahead and get them on that grill. Follow me. All right guys, just fires — nice and hot. Let’s go ahead and get these wings on. The first thing I want to mention is in my last crispy grilled chicken wings video, I went low and slow-cooked these for about 75 to 90 minutes. Today, we’re going real hot with this and how we’re going to achieve that is with this vortex. Basically, we get all the jumble up in here, light it, and it gets this pit so hot, hotter than it would be if I just poured the coals in there. So that’s important. I have both the bottom vent here and the top vent, they’re going to be wide open.

So really, what we want to do is get this pit to about 500 degrees as it cooks here, we have our control group. These are just wings with only JoJo Rub on them, and we’re going to get them right over here.

Time and temp for grilling crispy wings

Can you hear that? Pit is nice and hot even though this grate is not over directly. It’s just how hot this pit gets when you have the lid on using that vortex. All right. They’re a little bit close together. So just so I don’t get our control group confused with our other batch over here, they look very similar in color, so I’m just going to go ahead and move it over here. So there’s a clean line of distinction and open. Are you able to remember when I pull them off the grill? Speaking of pulling them off the grill, the first thing I’m going to do is get this lid back on, and then we’ll be back and we’re going to flip these every 10 minutes.

I think the cook is going to take about 40 to 45 minutes are all just depending upon how hot the fire stays throughout the cook.

Checking your wings crispness

Look, if you need to get the temperature on your Weber up a little bit more than that 500-degree range, a very easy trick you can do with this vortex is just go ahead and crack this side just a little bit. The more oxygen that gets in there, the hotter the fire will be. And this vortex is going to push the heat up, circulated around the exterior of the grill, and this thing is really going to act like an air fryer, which is so popular. But the one thing that you get here that you don’t get with an air fryer is that awesome, smokey flavor from the grill. So again, I’m going to go grab a beer.

Use a meat thermometer to scrape the skin to check level of crispness.
Use a meat thermometer to scrape the skin to check level of crispness.

All right guys, these have been cooking on here for 45 minutes. I flipped them every 10 minutes except for the last time I let them go for 15. Let’s see how they look. First of all, this vortex gets the pit very hot. Even sometimes, the handle can get a little hot. So I’m gonna use my Miracle-Gro glove right here. Take off the top, make sure it doesn’t burn myself. Let’s see how they’re looking. Now one way that I can check the crispiness of these wings is by taking the end of my instant-read thermometer and just dragging it across the skin.

Using a meat thermometer, scrape the skin to check level of crispness.
Using a meat thermometer, scrape the skin to check level of crispness.

Differences in appearance

You’re a little bit of crisp. I mean some of the things I notice here are the both our control group and that with baking power have a very similar look. If I had to say the control group might be a little bit darker are breaded wings over here with the flour in cornstarch, you can still see some of that white residual. They’re a little bit lighter color, but I still think these wings are going to need about another 10 minutes based upon that test. So I’m going to flip them, get the lid back on and be right back.

Tasting the wings in our experiment

Okay. So we’re about ready to dig in and try the test. But before I do, I just want to talk a little bit about the coloring and the look of each one of these. These are our control groups right over here, and they look absolutely phenomenal. They have a great dark, almost like a mahogany color. I can’t wait to dig in. I actually had these before, so I know how good they taste ’cause this is how I typically make them at home. But I’ve never tried these other two ways. So over here we have our 50-50 mix, and the first thing I want to bring to your attention is that they look phenomenal. They have a great color, very uh, looks a lot like fried chicken would look. 

The only thing is I just want to bring your attention to here. We still have a little bit of white from either that flower or that cornstarch, and that was not on all the wings. So you can see this one does not have it. This one does as does this just a little bit here. So it’d be interesting to see how that impacts the flavor.

Three rubs for chicken wings side by side.
Three rubs for chicken wings side by side.

Using JoJo Rub only to season wings

Now, right over here we have our baking powder mixed with our JoJo Rub. And these, you know, they’re, they feel a lot crispier now than they did when they came off the grill. As you can see, they have a very similar color to our control group. Maybe just a little bit lighter, but, uh, enough about the look. They certainly all smell tremendous. Let’s dig in and see how they taste.

Not that crispy. You can see the skin pulled away. It’s a good wing. It’s not a great wing, not my best. Maybe on something like this, I should let them go for up to an hour. Not a bad wing, though. I’d be happy to be served that any day of the week over here.

Flour and corn starch as a seasoning for wings

This again, this is our 50-50 mixture of flour and corn starch, and again, look at that color. That looks incredible. See how they taste. That was a crispier wing. You don’t get as much direct seasoning as you do with the control group. I think the flour and the corn starch helped kind of dilute some of that flavor. If I did this again, maybe I’d add just a little bit more JoJo Rub to it. It’s definitely crispier than our control group, and it does have a little bit of that KFC-type fried chicken flavor.

JoJo Rub and baking powder as seasoning for wings

Now let’s check out our final group. This is the exact same recipe that we use to make crispy, big chicken wings only. We did it in the oven. Let’s see how it turns out when you cook them on the grill. Well, those sound a lot crispier. Great wing. 

It tastes very similar to the first one, but this one is actually much crispier as we know that baking powder can change the pH balance of the skin, making it crisp up as it cooks. Well, I’ve tried the drums on all of these, so now I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to try this flat. See how that goes. First of all, let’s get one of those pesky bones out of there. Now.

That was a big bite. It was good. Again, very crispy. This one, going back to these, these tend to have just a little bit more texture to them. I’m going to try this flat here just for old posterity. See how it turns out.

It is hard to declare a winner crispy chicken wing recipe

That skin right there ahead of great crunch. Wow guys. This is going to be real tough to pick a winner. I think this adds more direct flavor from the JoJo Rub, but it’s clear to me that both of these two were crispier than this one. I think this one could have used a little bit more flavoring, but I would do this one again any day. Really. It’s hard to pick. These are coming in very, very similar to me, so whether you use baking powder or that other mixture that we talked about, I still think you’re going to come out better than you would just straight seasoning. Yeah, this is really tough. It’s much closer than I thought it would be.

Candidly, I thought that these ones with the baking powder on them would turn out the crispiest, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Now, we do something a little different with them in the oven where we render the fat, we go low first before we go high heat, and these are really good as well.

How do you cook your wings?

I want to declare a winner for this crispy chicken wing recipe. It’s just too close. Yeah, so look, I have a question for you guys at home. How do you cook your wings? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Maybe we’ll add your idea to our next experiment. Now it’s time for a drink. That’s the ticket. Nothing goes better with wings than cheap domestic beer.

Look, all kidding aside. We really hope you like our chicken wing experiment that we did today, and if you did, please go ahead and hit that big thumbs up like button or even better, subscribe to our channel for future updates. Our motto here at Red Meat Lover is “cooking meat made easy,” and that’s just what we strive to show you in every single video. Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next time.

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Different rubs for crispy chicken wings
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Different rubs for crispy chicken wings

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