Crispy Grilled Chicken Wings Recipes – Grilled Chicken Wings 9 Ways!

how to cook crispy chicken wings

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How to Cook Crispy Chicken Wings

Nothing screams summer like chicken wings and grilling! Follow along and explore not only one, but NINE ways to make the best crispy grilled chicken wings!

Create the Crispiest Wings!

For this experiment, we tested different wing recipes to determine which recipe is best for crispy grilled chicken wings. We tested three different variables while keeping the seasoning the same. We used Rescue Rub by Code 3 Spices. You can find all their spices online at In this experiment we found the perfect recipe that creates the crispiest grilled chicken wings. Click here for the full recipe.

Get Your Grill On!

crispy grilled chicken wings

This experiment tests different types of dry rubs and also shows you a great technique for making crispy grilled chicken wings on the Weber Kettle Grill! Cooking chicken wings on the grill adds tons of flavor and is a great opportunity to try different recipes. Fire up your grill, grab your favorite beer, and prepare to turn up the tasty!

Prepping Your Wings is Important!

Sure, you could just open up that package of wings and throw them on the grill. But is that really the best way to do it? We conducted this experiment to find our the best way to prep the wings for the BEST results. Click here for the full experiment and recipe.

The Secret is Out!

In this video, we reveal the secret to cooking up amazing grilled crispy chicken wings. In fact, they are so good, you’d think they came straight from the deep fryer!

It’s All About the Rub!

What’s the point of crispy grilled chicken wings if there is no flavor? Well, that’s where the rub comes in to play! It’s great to support your local BBQ supply company, but you can also make your own tasty rub at home! In this experiment, we test different types of rubs and give you a free recipe to our delicious homemade JoJo Rub!

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