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how to cut a pork loin

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How to Cut a Pork Loin

Today, I show you how to cut a pork loin into thick and thin pork chops AND a nice, big pork roast. Save time and money by learning how to cut a pork loin at HOME!

What is a Pork Loin?

Pork loin should not be confused with a very similar cut of meat called the pork tenderloin. The pork loin is a very economical kind of meat. The one I used for this tutorial weighs 12 pounds and costed me $16. So, you can buy a nice, hefty pork loin and break it down into pork chops and roasts at home, saving yourself TONS of money!

cuts of pork
Cuts of Pork

Let’s Get Cutting!

First, I start at the end closest to the sirloin (and the back of the animal)- you can cut this into some real thick chops. These thick cuts are perfect for sous vide pork chops. Matter of fact, one of the best pork chops I ever had in my entire life was from this recipe! The reason I love to sous vide pork chops is because pork is lean and really easy to overcook. The sous vide method is a low and slow and keeps all of the tasty juices inside!

Second, cut the center piece of the loin into a nice, big roast. Where should you stop cutting it? I like to end the roast where the loin starts to curve. You can make it as big or small as you want! You can butterfly your roast as well, just like we’ve done another video. We stuffed the pork roast with chimichurri and white cheddar cheese…delicious!

Lastly, you can finish cutting the loin into smaller pork chops. Smaller pork chops are great for getting breaded and fried. We actually used these smaller pork chops for an experiment where we compared air fried vs. deep fried pork chops. The results might surprise you!

What’s your favorite cut of pork? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we share more bite sized cooking hacks and weekly recipes!

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