How to Tenderize Steak Experiment-CHEAP and TOUGH Eye of Round Steak

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How to Tenderize Steak

We are back with another steak experiment! This one involves using one simple ingredient to turn a tough cut of meat into a delicious steak! You know the saying – buy choice or prime…or don’t waste your time! However, when beef prices get high, we might need to find some cheaper cuts of beef. Unfortunately, cheap cuts of steak can be a little tough. Today we have an eye of round steak. Even though it looks just like a tenderloin it has a lot less inner muscular fat running through. As we say at Red Meat Lover, “The fat is where it’s at!” So in order to get the eye of round steak more tender, we’ve taken one of these steaks and soaked them in a pineapple juice marinade.

Pineapple Marinade

Pineapple juice is acidic and has enzymes that help break down the meat. This is freshly squeezed pineapple juice that we did ourselves using a juicer. We actually did a product review for the juicer, check it out here!

So, the steak marinated for about an hour. During that hour, we got the Weber kettle nice and hot. I’m going to rinse it off completely. First, we rinsed off the pineapple juice to see the fibers start to separate. That’s pretty goof proof that the tenderization process worked. Second, we seasoned the steak with some of our big tasty steak rub. We created this rub ourselves using common ingredients found in most kitchens.

We used this awesome grill attachment called the Grill Grate. This custom grate distributes the heat evenly across all surface area and prevents flare ups. And, boy oh boy, it provides some awesome grill on whatever you throw on the grill.

We coked our eye of round steaks to medium rare. The impact of our pineapple marinade is definitely noticeable. It feels a lot softer and more tender than the steak that wasn’t marinaded. Surprisingly, there’s no sweetness leftover from the pineapple. Overall, this is a great steak marinade for any cheaper cut of steak. If you’re on a budget but still want something tasty, try out this recipe!

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Pineapple Marinaded Steak
What the best way to tenderize a tough and cheap cut of steak such as an eye of round? It's simple- freshly juiced pineapple steak marinade!
Prep Time 1.25 hours
Cook Time 10 minutes
Passive Time 1.35 hours
Prep Time 1.25 hours
Cook Time 10 minutes
Passive Time 1.35 hours
  1. Marinade the steak in the pineapple juice for about an hour.
  2. After an hour, rinse the pineapple juice off of the steak.
  3. Thoroughly season the steak with the Big Tasty Steak Rub.
  4. Through that steak on the hot grill. Flip after about 30-45 seconds. Eye of round steaks are typically pretty thin, so be sure to not over cook it!
  5. Pull the steak off when it reaches 130-135 degrees Fahrenheit. Let rest for about 5 minutes to let the juices redistribute through the steak.
  6. Enjoy!

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