Steak & Shrimp, Surf and Turf Recipe with Steakhouse INFRARED Grill!

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Shrimp & Steak

Today, we’re making a steakhouse classic – surf and turf! We are using a beautiful prime ribeye steak from Standard Meat out of Dallas, Texas. They don’t sell retail, but they do sell to some of the finest steak houses across the country. We’re really proud to be friends with this good family owned business!

Blazing Bull Grill

Our friends at Blazing Bull sent us their infrared grill to try out. Well we tried out….and we don’t really like it, we love it! Not only does it cook steaks, but it can be used for a number of other things – that’s why we broke out the shrimp.

blazing bull

A couple things we love about this grill:

  1. First of all, it has a lever on the other side that you can use to raise or lower the grill grate.
  2. Second, it has drip pan that moves in conjunction with the grill grate or catch all the amazing drippings from the steak as it cooks.
  3. The grill has easy to start up-it’s connected to a propane tank so all you have to do it open the tank and hit the “on” button.
  4. Lastly, this grill is portable! If you’re heading over to a super bowl party or backyard barbecue, take the Blazing Bull with and show off your amazing steaks

So while this thing is cooking, I want to let you know that the thing that sets this thing apart is the fact that it’s infrared heat. That heat really acts like more of a laser as it attacks that food versus a traditional grill, which is more of a flashlight and spreads that heat all around the steak as it cooks. So this is very focused heat, blazing, hot. It gets hot, super fast. I don’t have to wait 30 minutes for the grill. This thing just goes within five minutes.

How to Cook Steak & Shrimp

This steak has been seasoned for one hour with Redmond salt, black pepper and garlic powder. We’ve done experiments in the past where we have determined that salting your steak at least one hour prior to cooking creates the most flavorful steak. And that’s exactly what we’ve done here.

Preheat your Blazing Bull grill for about five minutes. This grill lives up to it’s name, it is blazing hot, specifically 1500 degrees hot! Put your steak on the grill and raise the lever all the way up. Let it cook there for about 45 seconds, pull the lever down down, flip the steak and repeat for another 45 seconds. Once it hits that 45 second mark, lover the lever and we’re let it cook there until it reaches a perfect medium rare temperature. Once it’s reached your preferred degree of doneness, pull it from the heat and let it rest.

Take some butter and throw it in the pan with some fresh herbs. We used a little bit of a basil and oregano. Place the shrimp in the butter & herb mixture. Cook for 1 minute on each side.

surf & turf
surf & turf

How do you get a great crust on your shrimp? Make sure that they are really dry before you put them on a cooking surface. Because this Blazing Bull gets so hot all of the moisture evaporates instantly. You’re left with an incredible texture on the outside of the shrimp.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to turn up the tasty right at home and make steakhouse quality surf and turf right in your own backyard, look no further! There is no easier way to do it than with this Blazing Bull infrared grill. You’re going to be seeing more of this on our channel !

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Surf and Turf on Blazing Bull Grill
surf and turf
surf and turf

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