How to Cook PERFECT Bacon Experiment – Smoked vs Grilled vs Air Fryer?

Today, we’re doing another meaty experiment. There are a lot of different techniques and methods to cooking bacon. So we’re putting them to the test today. We’re going to try air fried, grilled, and smoked. Testing the Methods For all three cooking methods, we are using thick (or as the kids say “thiccc”) cut bacon. First, we are going to … Read More

How to Cut a Whole Chicken Wing, EASY! | Biteseez

You can often buy whole wings for much cheaper than you can buy the individual cuts and I think they’re usually a little bit better quality, too. What are the three parts of the whole wing? Tip Flat Drummie I always struggled with breaking down wings. However, I visited Chef Mike Johnson at Sugar Fire Smokehouse and he showed us … Read More

100k Subscribers!? We’re SHOOK, thank YOU!

we need to talk

Like many things, Red Meat Lover started as an idea. An idea of buddies cooking around the grill, learning new skills, and having fun while doing it. This concept turned into a resource where people could go and learn along with us. Our goal is to “demystify” all things cooking. From different cuts of meat, debunking cooking myths and trying … Read More

Charcuterie Box-Red Meat Lovers Carnivore Club Review


We’re back with another product review! Today, we’re going to take a look at another carnivore club box. It’s part of their monthly subscription that you can subscribe for or send out as a gift. They have a couple of different boxes, you can find the options here. Today’s box is filled with charcuterie. What is charcuterie (pronounced “shar-coo-ter-ee”)? It … Read More

Q in the Lou: Episode 1

Hey Meat Lovers, for those of you who don’t keep up with us on social media (and you should) we were at Q in the Lou a few weeks ago and had a blast eating meat, talking meat, and eating more meat. We were there for three days straight, so we are going to have to break it down into a few … Read More

Tips & Tricks With the Holy Smokers BBQ Team

Today we find ourselves at the  Code 3 Spices Smokin’ on Main event. While walking through the streets we came face to face with “Fern”. This smoker was so amazing I half expected Xzibit to pop out yelling about pimping my smoker. This bold beautiful machine belongs to the Holy Smokers BBQ team some of the nicest most knowledgeable gentlemen I have ever … Read More

Red Meat Lover: Fan Feedback #1

Hey, Meat Lovers, I’m Joey and this is a special edition of Red Meat Lover: Fan Feedback Edition #1! We love getting feedback from our growing community whether it is about my t-shirts, recipes, my poor choice of beer, or my obsession with conspiracy theories. We like the comments so much I want to share just a few of them … Read More

Giving Back: Code 3 Spices and Smokin’ On Main Video

Join us as Joey sits down with Mike Radosevich of Code 3 Spices for the interview to end all interviews. Watch as Joey and Mike cover everything from BBQ and business to the importance of giving back and the beauty of a 300lb man!  All jokes aside it is a great look into a company that we all deeply respect … Read More

Code 3 Spices’ Smokin’ on Main in Collinsville, IL

Code 3 Spices Smokin' On Main in Collinsville, Illinois

Take a walk down Main Street Collinsville as we visit our friends at Code3 Spices signature event, Smokin’ on Main.  This event brings the biggest names and nicest guys in the business paired with best-in-class BBQ, all for a good cause!  Let’s get stepping.   We met some amazing people While making our way through the event early in the day … Read More

Great Irish recipes for St. Patricks Day 2019!

Corned Beef & Cabbage Is Awful Corned beef and cabbage is awful. I don’t care who made it or how it was prepared, it is the stuff of nightmares. I close my eyes and see Granny Gallagher standing over a giant pot of bubbling water with chunks of foul meat and bleached soggy leafs. The smell, oh lord the smell, … Read More

Copper Grill Mat Review – GREAT Grill Accessories!

We never used Copper Grill Mats until our friends at MiTBA sent us some of their product to review. After using them extensively on the grill and in the oven, we’re sharing our review in this vid. You can order this product here: Not only are they great on the grill but they’re PERFECT for baking just epic biscuits! … Read More

11 BRILLIANT Camping Food Hacks For Lazy Cooks

Occasionally, we share guest posts from our community of Red Meat Lovers…..because you don’t need to be a professional chef to make great food!  If you have some tips and tricks you would like to share, please contact ….we’d love to hear from you! Today we’re sharing 11 Brilliant Food Hacks For Lazy Cooks from Laura Bocelli at   … Read More

Meat Awareness Month – Celebrating All The MEATS!

Meat Awareness Month

William Henry Harrison May is here and that means a return to warm weather, Memorial Day, and backyard bbqs.  However, do you know that May is a month that was meant to cross all social, political, racial, economic, and class divides?  Many people don’t know that the 9th President of the United States, William Henry Harrison, dedicated the month of May as … Read More

Can YouTube Make You Rich? The Story of Our YouTube Channel.

can youtube make you rich

Have you ever wondered, “Can YouTube make you rich?” Or maybe, “How does YouTube pay for views?”  If so, your not alone.  There’s clearly a lot of people out there creating content.  But how many of them get rich making YouTube videos?  Before I answer that question, let me tell you a bit about how and our YouTube video recipes … Read More

Meat Madness – Final Four Slam Dunk Recipes

It’s time for the Final Four and where others see University of Kansas, Michigan, Loyola, and Villanova…. I see K.C. Barbecue, Wet Burritos, Italian beef, and Cheese Steak.  Four great teams, from four very different places, with four amazing food traditions.  That’s what we call MEAT MADNESS around here!   So, in the name of team spirit and for the … Read More

Pork and Chicken Seasoning Recipe aka “JoJo” Rub

Chicken and Pork Seasoning JoJo Rub

JoJo Rub is a mixture of finely ground, dry seasonings and powders which are commonly found in most kitchens. This is not only a chicken seasoning recipe, but also a pork seasoning, we created for grilling, baking and smoking chicken and pork. It’s the perfect dry rub for crispy chicken wings, TASTY pork tenderloin and much more  We’ve been told … Read More

Make your own coleslaw

Making coleslaw is easy.  Don’t buy it from the store.  I know…. it looks so incredibly easy as you stare at it right through the glass.  It’s screaming $3.99/lb of pure convenience! But here’s the cole hard fact; the stores don’t care about their coleslaw the way you will care for yours….this is a mostly true statement about anything we can cook. … Read More